Canopy for hexacopter based in Thunder S550 frame V 1.0

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Two months ago I built a hexacopter around a frame made by Thunder with a model reference S550... after building it I looked for a canopy but I didn´t find canopies in the market for S550 frames such as mine.

I have designed a canopy for S550 frames... It has different parts as you can see...

I hope that you like it...

I accept comments and opinions.


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Prueba 9 - Soporte - grapa.stl
16.6 KB
Prueba 6 - Parte 2 de inferior nueva sola.stl
335 KB
Prueba 7 - Parte de arriba sola 3.stl
868 KB
Parte inferior 3.jpg
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Parte inferior 2.jpg
228 KB
Parte inferior 1.jpg
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Grapa 1.jpg
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76.4 KB
127 KB
Soporte 1.jpg
87.7 KB
24 KB
82.9 KB
Parte superior 2.jpg
158 KB
Parte superior 1.jpg
138 KB
Prueba 9 - Soporte 2.stl
237 KB
Prueba 6 - Parte 1 de inferior nueva sola.stl
426 KB
Prueba 6 - Parte inferior nueva sola.stl
662 KB


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