Ring Doorbell Bracket

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SummaryTo install a Ring doorbell at my home I had to offset the location of the original doorbell button. Designed and created this bracket to allow no extra drilling and a secure build location. Two counter sunk holes attach the bracket at standard doorbell button location. The distance of the platform is for my house, but could easily be adjusted for your needs. Enjoy!Print SettingsPrinter Brand: LulzBotPrinter: MiniRafts: NoSupports: YesResolution: 0.1Infill: 20%Notes: Printed in PETG material I had to tweak supports to break off more easily than standard Cura settings. If you print in PLA you will have less issues. Material choice for me was something that would work nicely outdoors. I suggest PET-based materials or similar, but ABS would work potentially too. How I Designed ThisAutodesk 123D DesignCreated on Mac OS X using Autodesk 123D Design - Included is the 123D file for your adjustment needs and desires.

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