SummaryThis is designed around (FrogLeggs 8-Lumen LED Freestanding Battery Flashlight) for the simple reason that when I was wandering around in Lowes and I saw the flashlight, the idea of this occurred :). This was my first experiment with Tinkercad. Feel free to edit it online at Designed originally as a single piece solution, I split the voronoi sphere from the base. I used ( ) for the sphere -> NOTE: t-glase material is pretty strong - I was able to print the sphere without support or brim. The "Thank you base" was printed with HIPS SettingsPrinter Brand: LulzBotPrinter: MiniRafts: NoSupports: YesInfill: 10%Notes: The print at least for a Novice like me was hard. a few mis-steps like did take place before getting the first right print. Supports and T-Glase is just plain hard to clear up (at least for me). So I just used minimal brim (in lulzbot) and no support for the sphere. Since I used HIPS, I used support just for the base (primarily the for the "T" in Thank you).

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