Simple CNC mill v2


This is a very simple model of a CNC milling machine.  I created it in order to play around with printer settings with various dovetailed joints that need to fit together snugly, yet also slide.  The milling table has simulated T-slots and coolant draining passages, and a chip/coolant tray on the main body.  

This print should require zero support or raft, as I've included built-in supports for printing.  This is the second version of this file, updated with much better part tolerances than the first version.

The PDF file explains my print settings and gives a little bit of insights as to how everything goes together.

My print came out fairly decent... however, my slicing engine added a thin layer of material across the Y-axis dovetail joint on the main body.  I had to remove that material, then the carriage slid right into place.  The milling head fits just tight enough to remain in position wherever you want it, yet moves up and down quite nicely.  The milling table is a bit looser than I wanted, but it does move quite nice. Enjoy!

Design Files

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Simple CNC Mill no support 02.stl
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Simple CNC Mill 01.pdf
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