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Summary"Hey Mom, I made you a card!" MOM Card is perfect for every situation. Fits easily in a purse or wallet. Late for a meeting with spit up down the back of your dress? Play the Mom card. Bringing store bought cookies to the bake sale? Play the Mom card. Asking for just one little phone call a week? Play the Mom card. All the power of being a Mom in one card. Wins every time. MOM Card. Seriously, you there with the 3D printer. Mother's day is Sunday, May 11th, 2014. Do something nice for her and not just this card, something nice. And if you are going to 3D print something you should design it yourself. It should be something thoughtful and personalized. But when you run out of time... MOM Card. Also take a look at the MOM Gimbal at for 0.2mm layer height. 2 color prints require a filament change after 0.4mm.

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