Cobblebot Little Monster RAMPS Case

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SummaryI designed this RAMPS case originally for to mount 2 25 mm fans on the side to blow across the stepper drivers for mounting to the 8020 extrusion on my Cobblebot Little Monster 3D Printer. I have made a modification since this print to add another hole in the sides for the zip ties. This uses four of the M5x8 mm bolts and T-Nuts to mount it to the extrusion. You'll need six of the M3x10 mm bolts to mount the 25 mm fans. There is also a version that mounts just a 40 mm fan to the top portion. One of the things I don't like about other RAMPS cases is they don't ever seem to leave you space for the wires. That is why the top portion is totally open in this design.

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