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SummaryThis is a simple tray, designed to be used when servicing any part of the Replicator 2 printer head. I found that repeated disassembly of the front fan and heat sink put stress on the wires that power the fan, eventually causing them to break and require soldering. This tray aims to address this issue by giving a stable platform to sit the parts on while servicing. The two arms are put in place first. On either side of the printer head, put the hook end of the arm over the first rail, between the drive belt and under the second rail. Twist the arm and squeeze the rails into the slots. Then secure the tray by carefully squeezing the pegs on the two arms into the holes on the sides of the tray, securing one side before moving onto the other. This was my very first attempt to solve the problem, and while it is not a particularly elegant design solution, it works just fine. Feel free to remix it and make it better. Instructions3 Shells 0.2mm layer height 25% infill no support no raft

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