Wayfarer Miniatures: Knolahri Diplomat

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Summary The Knolahri are a random alien species from Wayfarer. They live in an ocean world and inhabit the sparse atolls and reefs. The Knolahri are technologically advanced and use magic to enhance their tech. Currently, they are seeking to capitalize on their world's only natural resource: Time. Their world's relative time stream is 82 times faster than the mean. So, spending 82 days on Knolahr only equates to 1 day on most worlds.They are ramping up to be a vacation destination. High society only. In Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder, fantasy, science fiction, and cosmic horror combine into a sprawling multiverse where nearly anything is possible. Grounded with an intuitive RPG system designed with foundations in real-world physics, Wayfarer allows players and GM's to create the characters and stories they want right out of the gate. The Wayfarer rules codex is available for purchase on our website, illgottengames.net Instructions I printed this Knolahri at the default MakerWare setting for ABS and painted it using model paint.

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