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This is my first practical design for a printable desk lamp. The lamp has 2 separate parts: the base and the shade. The base holds the light source which is a standard 68mm/2.75" diameter LED "puck" light that is powered by 3 AAA batteries. I bought 3 of these lights at Lowes for $9.98 batteries included. The photos show the lamp base with the puck, the lamp lit in a totally dark room sitting on a grey bedspread, and the lamp on my desk both lit and unlit.

Here is a link to the puck light:

I originally designed the base to hold some sort of wall-powered light (I found a very cool color-changing LED lamp that has a nifty remote comtrol), so it allowed for a space through which the power cord could pass. But I was unable to find a socket that fit the base, so I substituted the LED puck light instead. With this design you actually don't need the base at all - the shade can sit right on a table top with the light inside it if you prefer. I do plan on redesigning the base by giving it a more organic shape that better suits the overall shade design.

The base for this design prints in about 3 hours, and the shade requires about 7 hours. I used a 0.200 mm layer height for both parts. Note that the shade presents only a small surface area in contact with the print bed, so it is necessary to use a brim when printing. For my print I used a brim of 6 loops, with each loop = 0.400 mm.

My next design will feature this same shade but with twisted ribs on the outside.

Edit: lampbase.stl is a simpler base that is easier and quicker to print.

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