Fractal Octahedra

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Summary Fractal Octahedra. Calculated by OpenSCAD. Print Settings Printer: Da Vinci 2.0 DuoRafts: YesSupports: Yes Notes: Fractal level 0-4 data are normalized to size 1.0mm. Rotate, resize and use them (see comments in the OpenSCAD source for rotate angle and size specs). octa5-50-rt_fixed.stl is rotated so that a flat face be bottom, resized to 50mm and fixed using Microsoft Model Repair service. Differs from fractal tetrahedra (Sierpinski's tetrahedra) and Mengar sponge, this solid is rather firm and strong. Although seems similar to the fractal tetrahedra, no hole through this solid. Using Da Vinci (low cost FDM printer), usual supports were good, and could get rid of supports using steep file. Better FDM printer may not require supports when a flat face is bottom, because there is no ceiling nor hard angle overhang.

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