Chicken Watering System

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Summary You can create a chicken watering system for your flock when you combine these parts with chicken nipples, PVC pipe, clear vinyl tubing and a water container. Instructions The 3D printed parts of this system are: A bulkhead fitting (I think that is what it's called) for making a water tight connection to a water container with a 1/4" vinyl tube. A connector for a connecting the vinyl tube to a PVC pipe. Some brackets for suspending the pipe using chains or wires. This is for a gravity fed system. The fittings should not be used under pressure. Print the parts at 100%. I did that by slicing it with 10 loops and the parts came out strong. Additional parts you'll need: Piece of 3/4" PVC pipe PVC endcap 3/4" PVC male adapter Several feet of clear vinyl tubing with an inside diameter of 1/4" Some chain or wire to suspend the waterer Chicken nipples Water container (like an empty 5 gallon bucket). 2 or 3 rubber washers (the size used with a garden hose) Assembly Steps: Cut the 3/4" PVC pipe to the length you need. I spaced out the nipples 6" apart and used 3 nipples. I left 3" of pipe on each end for the fittings. I cut the pipe to 18" long (3" + 6" + 6" + 3") . Measure and mark the locations of the nipples on the pipe. Drill and attach the nipples to the pipe using instructions provided with the nipples. Glue the end cap on the pipe. Glue the male adapter on the other end. Insert your printed non-threaded adapter into the printed large nut. Put a washer on the end of the male PVC adapter. Screw the nut (with the non-threaded barbed adapter on it) onto the male PVC adapter. If it does not fit tight enough, you may need to place an additional washer onto the end of the barbed adapter before inserting it into the nut. Drill a hole in your water container the smallest size that'll let you still insert the threaded-barbed-adapter through it. Put a washer on the adapter. Insert it though the hole you drilled and carefully tighten the nut on the other side. Connect the clear vinyl tube to both barbed fittings. Squeeze one of the printed brackets onto each end of the pipe.

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