Mobile Bridge 1/10 Scale RC

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Summary This is a 60cm mobile bridge for use with 1/10 scale crawlers (and tanks?) This symetrical piece is made to fit together with itself once assembled and will fold in half for storage but be strong enough for use with <10kg scalers and RC trucks. Simple print four "pivots" + "ramps" and two "pins" The main part is 20.5cm long so it should fit most printers. Epoxy the "ramp" into the swivel key permanently. I was hoping to surprise a fellow RCer with the design for his RC4WD Beast 2. The ridges provide more than enough grip for my stock SCX10 to climb them at a good 60degree angle. Post-Printing Bottom of bridge too slippery? These bridges are meant to be spray-painted with a flat olive or grey primer and silicon/rubber-dipped at the tips. if you use the bridges "as-is" I recommend using the hook material from adhesive velcro.

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