Gloomn (Random Alien in 18mm scale)

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Summary The Wayfarer Random Alien Generator is LIVE! The following alien was generated with a click of a button... and then I made a model. If you play Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder, this is a pretty invaluable tool for coming up with aliens to populate your hub-worlds and intergalactic saloons and what have you. GLOOMN A species widely distrusted throughout the Known Worlds for being stubborn and duplicitous, this reputation has preceded gloomn travelers for centuries. Owing no allegiance to any formal government, the gloomn are a nomadic people, having long-since abandoned their planet for the open stars. Though most gloomn fear change, they tend to be quite social, even outside of their own species. Although many gloomn merchants pride themselves on an aptitude with fixing technology, the saying "never buy tech from a gloomn" has become ubiquitous throughout hub-world markets. Step One: Attributes STR: +0 DEX: -1 BUL: +0 AGI: +3 END: +0 REA: -1 PER: +0 WIL: +0 CRE: +0 CHA: +3 Step Two: Locomotors Striding - The creature ambulates in the same way as a humanoid or flightless bird. -- No adjustment Step Three: Manipulators Arms - The creature possesses a pair of arms and may manipulate objects. -- No adjustment Step Four: Extra Adaptions Philosophical - The creature's society has developed a long tradition of devotion to esoteric studies and ritual. -- WIL +1, Openness +1, Conscientiousness +1, Neuroticism -2 Attributes After Ability Adjustments STR: +0 DEX: -1 BUL: +0 AGI: +3 END: +0 REA: -1 PER: +0 WIL: +1 CRE: +0 CHA: +3 Step Five: Personalities O: -3 C: +2 E: +2 A: -2 N: -4 We've set up a Patreon page for anyone who's interested to help fund us so we can keep making free and open sourced games like Wayfarer Tactics. Check it out here. Enjoy!

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