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Summary These are the various parts of a custom board game pieces based on the wooden Cathedral game. Very basic simple shapes there are many ways you could customize this and add details to (shingles, stonework, gargoyles, windows, ripples in the fountains or you could pull other models in for substitute pieces as long as they fit in the spaces, you can prime and paint anyway you want... Printed on an Afinia, 3 layer density, big hole; running ~2.5 hours to 4.5 hours per file depending on print settings. Print time will vary depending on scale and print settings. Be careful printing on perf board as you may tear out the bottom if you don't print enough infill or if you are in a hurry. I aligned objects to fit on an Afinia/Up platform size as well as keeping the print directions and object heights as uniform as possible to make things print a little more efficiently (I guess it's all depending on how you rotate them and how your software slices it up). You may need to slightly modify the two "C" (Castle) shaped buildings, the tolerances are pretty close and depending on ABS expansion your pieces may fit too 'snug'. Print 4x of the game border file to enclose the whole city if you like. I have a Cathedral World set that's showing some signs of wear and tear with two pieces lost that I ended up printing 3d models as substitutes... We also travel set that we had scratch built in wood; I created these so we could print it on the 3D printer using different color ABS as needed or scale them to what ever size one wanted. The church is modified with a hollow cross cut through all four sides of the tower; it can be challenging to clear out the support material but it is possible; If you prefer you can always grab the other cathedral game piece here: You can tinker with the some of the base models here: More info about the game and the many other variations on BoardGameGeek:

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