Maker Tron Defender

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,,After wondering and traveling through deep galaxy I finally find lost parts of Maker Tron that was in charge for special attacking mission .Following map that was accidentally found in one old drone I was drilled to start mission.I heard legend and stories about his colossal combats. Second part of that quest was putting all together , re polish old rusty parts to work smooth and functional...and hola here he is ready to be reactivate again...

I wanted appealing design that will highlight his combat character through specific proportion ratio and internal shapes and forms.It has 11 point of articulation(head,shoulders,arms,knee,upper legs,feet)I also done rendering images of painted 3d model .Also in presentation you can find images of 3d printed model and You Tube video where I present my design in presentation of design

Printing specification for MakerTron model design by Milos Tutus

Printer:Zortrax m200

Material:cool gray abs

Layer height:200 micron

Infill :medium

Support :strong 30%

I recommend to print from 2 or 3 times all part.Also I attach jpg with guidance for successful printing and post processing(you can also find many helpful tips in my video) following my experience ,but I am encourage you to explore and to find even better way.

Guide for successful 3d printing maker tron design by Milos Tutus

Below in graph is presented desirable orientation of individual parts in 3d printing software .

Numbers are representing orders in which you should connect all parts.

If your connection loosened you should cover with several drops of super glue and leave to dry out.

Original stl file has not color information these are just in presentation purpose.

Modeling in Zbrush

Design Files

File Size

21.7 MB
pelvic left.stl
14.1 MB
pin sholder right.stl
8.17 MB
foot left.stl
16.9 MB
arm lower left.stl
15.9 MB
arm lower right.stl
15.9 MB
arm up left.stl
29.9 MB
arm up right.stl
29.9 MB
foot right.stl
16.9 MB
29.6 MB
leg lower left.stl
35.6 MB
leg lower right.stl
35.6 MB
leg up right.stl
32.3 MB
leg up left.stl
32.3 MB
pelvic right.stl
14.1 MB
pin head.stl
6.41 MB
pin sholder left.stl
8.17 MB
weapon left.stl
43.9 MB
weapon right.stl
43.9 MB


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