Animated Humanoid Robot Head

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Animated Humanoid Robot Head

This robot head features a movable mouth, eyes that move horizontally and vertically, and a pan/tilt neck.

Completely wireless!


Build instructions, electronics, and Arduino code:

Design Files

File Size

neck vert bearing cap.STL
301 KB
neck vert arm.STL
30.4 KB
neck mount.STL
399 KB
neck horiz bearing cap.STL
17.3 KB
stand battery door.STL
13.7 KB
697 KB
eye mount clip.STL
66.1 KB
eye mount top.STL
80 KB
face left.STL
1.19 MB
main mount.STL
176 KB
model with stand.STL
4.18 MB
shoulder frame cap.STL
59.6 KB
shoulder frame.STL
454 KB
308 KB
back mount.STL
153 KB
neck main.STL
86.4 KB
neck bearing cap.STL
18.5 KB
stand top.STL
75.4 KB
stand base.STL
87.2 KB
245 KB
eye mount main.STL
135 KB
eye mount vert.STL
130 KB
face right.STL
1.19 MB
21.2 KB
complete model.STL
6.16 MB


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