Strum Trigger for Guitar Hero guitar

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Summary Had a friend who was complaining about his Guitar Hero guitar being broken. After looking at the plastic bits he was able to salvage I crafted a replacement and printed it on my MakerBot. This is still a work in progress so if you print it you may need to adjust the mesh, he hasn't had time to re-assemble his guitar to confirm everything fits correctly. Two of the 'legs' have square recesses for magnets, while researching the trigger assembly it appears there are 4 types of electrical interfaces, this should fit all 4. UPDATED 11/14 - I was able to get the actual mechanism and have made adjustments for a better fit. The metal caps on the end of the original trigger fit over the pegs on each piece. Requires the spring return from the original trigger and two small screws to assemble properly. If you print this please let me know how it works for you, thanks! Instructions Printed at .2mm layers, 10% infill.

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