UP Mini extruder mag mount modified to accept a Nema 17 stepper

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Summary Please feel free to donate through Paypal to [email protected] and I will keep the designs coming. Extruder mount to accept a Nema 17 stepper in place of the original Nema 14 stepper. Read the instructions. Instructions It is nearly a direct bolt in but is longer and requires a modified magnet mount. The back magnet on the mag mount is moved back 5mm to properly position the new Nema 17 motor So far so good. It runs way cooler than the original Nema 14 motor. The gear from the old motor fits perfectly even though the new shaft is longer and keyed. Just shove the gear on to its original position and cut off the extra shaft with a good hack saw.. Transfer the electrical plug from the old motor to the new one and you're done.

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