Water Jetter Nozzle

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Summary Might be useful for unblocking and cleaning plumbing pipes 50-100mm in diameter. 



Printed in ABS Plastic.

You need to make sure it sticks really well to your build bed when printing!! The footprint connected to the bed is very small. 

0.2mm layer height 

100% infill (probably overkill?) 

3 layers top, bottom and perimeters 

Printed holes need drilling out as they are too small. I used a 1.5mm drill bit. When you drill out the 4 holes at the bottom facing back towards the hose make sure you drill perpendicular to the face that the holes are on. 

Fasten to hose securely using a poly ratchet clamp or metal hose clamp. 

It worked OK with normal mains water pressure but would work alot better with higher pressure. 


I haven't tested with high pressure (ie pressure washer) so if you are thinking of trying to do that then PLEASE make sure the fitting is well inside a pipe before turning on the pressure washer. NEVER have the fitting out in the open when using high pressure water!! The fitting might just explode and do some very nasty damage to you or someone else!! 


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