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Summary Last week I went to the car wash but forgot to take of my radio antenna. so it broke down. The socked for the antenna was M5 thread so I thought lets try making my own antenna. I bought a meter of M5 threaded rod and divided it in 4 pieces, (so I had some spare-parts for when it happens again) when I connected it to the socked my radio worked great again, it only looked crap. so i thought lets make something i can screw over the M5-rod. next thing i did: I made a pipe(inner diameter 4.6mm outer diameter 5.4mm in solidworks and tryed experimenting with slic3rs spiral vase settings, after some experimenting I finally found the right settings to make the female M5 thread to fit over my rod. Settings I used: Nozzle size: 0.8 (mine is just 0.4 but otherwise I cant make a layer thickness of 0.75) Layer thickness : 0.75 speed: very low (7mm/s) perimeters: 1 fan speed: a constant 70% material settings: filament diameter: 1.75 then I set the extrusion multiplier on 2.21 because i needed atleast dubbel the amount of material because of the layer thinkness and width i wanted. after that i needed to scale the object so it would fit my M5 threaded rod, so in the end I scaled the object to 144% normal size. result> "Female" M5 threaded-rod I also tryed printing the "male M5 threaded-rod by scaling my pipe down to 61% and worked great aswell. Hope this is Usefull to someone ^^

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