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Introduction the X - 37 "HAMMER"reconnaissanceframe from FLEXCorp. The state of the art frame comes with 6 Omni directional laytech high resolution eyes to keep everything in view. Equipped with are latest Ver-6 Electroactive carbon nanotube flex cables the HAMMER is the fastest rough terrain Core Frame. Clocked at over 73 mph through jungle, forest and mountain terrain it can operate anywhere at lightning speed. As standard with all FLEX Corp models is the V-3 micro fusion core allowing for up to 12 years of operation before fuel cell replacement. Completely underwater capable standard for all models.

FLEX Corp: quality in every cable. BUY NOW!

Please dispose of all spent fusion cores responsibly at a certified FLEX Corp refueling hub.

*****Printing Info*****

The elbows legs knees and forearms all move they don’t require any extra rods or pins everything snaps together. I put a lot of effort into making it printable without support and non 3d printed parts. Simply print and snap everything together.

The above link is the .fff file for the exact settings I used for the print in simplify 3d.

I printed it in 20 % infill for the core and 100% for the arms legs and head. Every printer is different feel free to experiment with different settings.

This is a link to the how to for printing and assembly.

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