Water-Tron Ronnie

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Ronnie the rounded Maker-Tron is made to be smooth in appearance and build to fit his purpose, being an underwater Maker-tron. His parts are all watertight to prevent leaking and smooth/rounded to increase his maneuverability when submerged. His fingers are small and precise so that he can pick up even the tiniest of objects off the sea floor. His cyclops like eye is protected by a visor with both night vision and heat vision to help see in the dark or murky waters. His 3 antennae allow him to communicate with the surface.                            Ronnie's legs and head should be printed standing up with supports. His arms should be printed laying down, also with supports.  

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left_leg_3 (1).obj
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left_arm_2 (2).obj
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right_arm_2 (2).obj
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right_leg_3 (1).obj
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