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I added in No Support Spool Holder which is now my recommended print. Generated support has come a long way and this now prints better that way. I also added a little reinforcement to keep the piece from breaking when in use. Still recommend 75%-100% infill V5 minor modifications to improve printing. Reinforced legs on the ToyBuilder and Makerbot holders so they are less likely to break if you push on them too hard. V4 Added a ToybuilderLabs holder. Technically the Makerbot one will work but it's next to impossible to get it through the hollow center of the spool. V3 Added a 10mm shorter Octave spool holder Reinforced the walls of the Universal mount. Highly recommend 100% infill for structural strength Added the Inventor Project File V2 extended the makerbot version so that it fits the larger spools. Octave spool holder more flexible and rounded for better printing. This is a spool holder that replaces the one that came with the 2X. The "holder" is a univeral fit and can accept any type of Spool core. Currently Makerbot and Octave are supported.

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