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Intended for 3d print (as tabletop miniatures accessories).

54 different guns (and a couple of melee weapons) ranging from flintlock pistols and ak47s to flamers, industrial buzz saws and gauss carbines. See image gallery and detailed list below for further information. Recommended print scale is 28mm scale and upwards.

Please note: This is a compilation of guns used in a  number of previous releases by Sharedog Miniatures. There are some minor inconsistencies in scale, style et cetera.  Also note that the model parts have not been prescaled to uniform scale. Always adjust the size of the model(s) you wish to print in your slicer software before printing. 


1. Barrett 50 cal 2. Industrial drill 3. Combi gun 4. Pepperbox pistol 5. Tesla backpack 6. Heavy Machine gun 7. Musket with underslung cannon 8. Skull autopistol 9. Grease gun 10. Quad rocket launcher 11. Quad rocket launcher (russian)  12. Scoped laser revolver 13. Light machine gun 14. Revolver 15. Shotgun 16. Light machine gun without ammo belt 17. Orkmann submachine gun 18. Submachine gun with solid stock 19. Gauss rifle 20. Musket 21. Gauss pistol 22. Light machine gun with large barrel 23. Laser blunderbuss 24. M1 carbine 25. Gauss carbine 26. Gauss pistol with Ouroboros and skull decoration 27. Gauss pistol with Ouroborosos decoration 28. Mp40 29. Heavy flamer 30. Rogue Trooper rifle 31. Flintlock pistol 32. Electro rifle 33. Cracked open bolter 34. Buzz saw 35. Bergmann mp18 36. Belt fed bolter 37. Autopistol 38. Autogun with stock 39. Autogun without stock 40. Autogun with magazine 41. Ak47 42. Assault rifle double barrel 43. Subgun with folded stock 44. Dagger 45. Subgun with hollow stock 46. Laser musket 47. Scoped ak47 48. Barrett 50 cal winged 49. Bardiche musket 50. Machine gun 51. Holstered pistol 52. Laser musket 53. Leather backpack and bedroll 54. Cross backpack

Design Files

File Size barrett 50 winged.stl
776 KB scoped ak47.stl
286 KB bardiche musket.stl
182 KB dagger.stl
31.1 KB mp40.stl
34.9 KB buzz saw.stl
811 KB flintlock pistol.stl
94 KB rrogue trooper rifle.stl
213 KB electro rifle.stl
1010 KB heavy flamer.stl
373 KB grease gun.stl
65.4 KB laser musket.stl
549 KB gauss pistol ouroboros and skull decoration.stl
427 KB quad rocket launcher russian.stl
475 KB cracked open bolter.stl
332 KB pepperbox pistol.stl
133 KB Cross backpack.stl
254 KB combi gun.stl
588 KB subgun folded stock.stl
121 KB light machine gun no belt.stl
112 KB light machine gun large barrel.stl
221 KB autogun with stock.stl
175 KB m1 carbine.stl
214 KB quad rocket launcher.stl
439 KB bergmann mp18.stl
276 KB holstered pistol.stl
84.3 KB musket with underslung cannon.stl
740 KB laser blunderbuss.stl
183 KB autogun without stock.stl
125 KB machine gun.stl
279 KB barrett 50.stl
162 KB gauss carbine.stl
331 KB industrial drill.stl
343 KB autopistol.stl
103 KB musket.stl
70.2 KB skull autopistol with smoke.stl
469 KB orkmann submachine gun.stl
340 KB ak47.stl
239 KB belt fed bolter.stl
1.46 MB light machine gun.stl
161 KB gauss pistol.stl
260 KB shotgun.stl
66 KB laser musket.stl
160 KB autogun with magazine.stl
115 KB revolver.stl
128 KB gauss pistol ouroboros decoration.stl
419 KB subgun hollow stock.stl
119 KB submachine gun solid stock.stl
122 KB scoped laser revolver.stl
172 KB heavy machine gun.stl
427 KB assault rifle double barrel.stl
334 KB tesla backpack.stl
961 KB leather backpack and bedroll.stl
442 KB gauss rifle.stl
323 KB


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