Persona 5 Joker one sixth scale kit

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Recommended print size: 29 cm (11,4 inch) (full figure) high quality model specially designed for Fused filament fabrication, (also SLA print) it's designed to be easy to print, conveniently sliced, all parts can be printed without supports, easy to mount and glue, based on the Persona 5 Joker design, the final result its pretty spectacular, it can be painted and varnished (really fun to do) you'll have a great time printing this guy ¡¡


  • Top Solid Layers= 8
  • Primary Layer Height = 0,1600 (mm)
  • Outline/Perimeter Shells= 2
  • Temperature= 210°C (215°C for the first layer)
  • Default Printing Speed= 50,0 mm/s
  • Outline Underspeed= 35%
  • Infill Percentage= 16% (or more, it's up to you)

Design Files

File Size

P5 R arm.stl
14.8 MB
P5 Joker body.stl
11.3 MB
P5 L leg.stl
6.89 MB
P5 L arm.stl
23.5 MB
P5 Joker head.stl
20.7 MB
P5 Joker feets.stl
16.2 MB
P5 R leg.stl
6.29 MB


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