Cateye Cycling Computer Harness Kit

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I've made this for my cateye HB-100 with its harness lost on my stolen Cannondale. It was sitting on a shelf for 10 years with a dead battery. Installed a battery lying around and it came to life. Wanted to use it on my new folding bike. So I needed a new harness. I made it for HB100 dimensions but the internet says it also fits to other cateye computers like: MT300 ED200 AT100 VL200 VL100 + the harness includes a self locking magnet holder for the wheel, a sensor for the fork and also has got a quick release with lock to prevent theft(learned it the hard way :D) . A glass type reed relay can be used in the sensor pod. have fun and if you need something like this, drop me a line.

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