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In the Altair-Duino group a bunch of us bought this kit;

So after building up my kit, I designed the rest of the Paper Tape Reader Machine ... nice, neat and works great.  

The GoogleGroup:

I have two FEETECH FS90R Micro Continuous Rotation Servo (!$5ea.) 

My 3D printer is small so I chopped the base in two parts to print, the bolts on the reader hold the assembly together just fine.   The slots in the hubs is so pushing the end of the tape through both the spool and the axel the servo motor will pull the tape.  Using a cheap servo tester you can adjust the speed for best results reading in a tape.   After the tape is read, then slide the spool off the axel to release the tape from the axel, then slide the hub back onto the axel and put the end into the other hub and axel to rewind the tape back onto the spool.   The two wooden dowels are 1/8" diameter and can be glued into place so they don't drift or fall off, they just help guide the paper tape down to the level of the slot.   My reader I added a 1mm thick spacer on top and bottom for better clearance of the LEDs and Photo Diodes, I also added 0.25mm thick spacers in the center to open the slot a little more and also guide the tape through the center.   The whole machine is less than 200mm/~8inches wide, about 75mm/~3inches front to back and 80mm/~3inches tall.   I used M3x35mm bolts to hold it all together and made two 18mm tall legs glued under the two sides of the machine to keep it steady.    IF you 3D print a spool for each of your tapes, you can also print a spool cover (dust cover) to protect the tape.   I did tweak the design a little more after my prototype print so I fairly sure everything is going to be very nearly perfect.  IF you have a suggestion for a design change please forward it to me.  

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8-Bit BottomGuide Paper Tape Manual Punch.STL
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