Crosshair Helmet - Bad Batch - Star Wars Cosplay

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Star Wars Cosplay - Bad Batch Helmet - Crosshair

This is a digital file for 3D Printing a Star Wars cosplay Helmet of Crosshair, from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Crosshair - Bad Batch - Clone Force 99 - Helmet Cosplay Full Size Helmet.

 It comes seperated into parts: Main Helmet, , Range Finder

Crosshair was part of Clone Force 99, an elite squadron of clone troopers with genetically engineered enhanced abilities.

Cold, quick, and deadly, Crosshair was the no-nonsense warrior of special unit Clone Force 99, also called the Bad Batch. A genetically modified clone, he didn't like working with 'regs,' or normal clones, but fought alongside Cody and Rex during a secret mission on Anaxes

   NOT for resale or sharing. Only for personal use. Digital product, It is watermarked and copyrighted,

Design Files

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43.4 MB
finder top.stl
113 KB
finder shaft.stl
241 KB
finder mid.stl
56.6 KB
finder guide plate 2.stl
684 Bytes
finder guide plate 1.stl
684 Bytes
finder bottom.stl
53.8 KB
ear pod R.stl
2.3 MB
ear pod L.stl
1.04 MB
breather tube R2.stl
1.02 MB
breather tube R1.stl
258 KB
breather tube L2.stl
1.01 MB
breather tube L1.stl
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