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Model: T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus)

Mechanical toy of a T-Rex with moveable jaw, arms, and legs.

Print Time: 1hr49mins

Print Size: 93.28 mm x 59.41 mm x 59.41 mm

Note: Rafts are needed if your bed level calibration causes elephant's foot.

Print Settings:

Printer Brand: XYZprinting

Printer Model: da vinci 1.0

Rafts: No

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.3

Infill: 10%

Filament Brand: XYZprinting

Filament Color:

Filament Material: ABS

Misc Notes: Any material should work. The negative tolerance for the moveable parts is 0.8 mm. If the negative tolerance is not enough for your printer, scale up the model.

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