Heart book holder & pen holder

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Heart book holder & pen holder will a be a good touch to your children's desks so that  they can put their notes or A4 papers and theirs pens  .

It can be also a good gift .

There are 3 files : it is written on one of them :Je t'aime , The other : i love you The third is empty so that you can write what you want.

Slicer : Prusa slicer  ,  Layer height : 0.17   ,first layer height : 0.2 , speed : 45 mm/sec .

Material : Sunlu white , link : https://amzn.to/3qCDZIs

Temperature :215  , first layer temperature :220  , fill pattern : Gyroid. Fill density : 30 %

How to start creating 3D printable models? https://lightshadowds.medium.c...

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BOOK HOLDERI Love you.stl
240 KB
BOOK HOLDER Je t'aime.stl
273 KB
BOOK HOLDER zonder word.stl
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