SILENCER - HW insert design caliber .25" / 6,35 mm

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This new insert fits the famous Weihrauch / HW / Beeman airgun silencer, please check your silencers dimensions and compare to the drawings included in this file. Angled baffle design are known to have improved sound dampening characteristics.

The insert silencer are available in four different calibers:

.177” / 4,5 mm .22” / 5,5 mm .25” / 6,35 mm .30” / 7.62 mm

Fully functional, 1-piece strong and dependable construction with effective sound moderating characteristics and repeatable accuracy.

The inner hole / trajectory is coneshaped that insures no impacts while maintaining tight tolerances.

Constructed in Sweden by experienced machine engineers.

For best results when 3D-printning

  • Use a layer height of 0,1 – 0,15 mm.
  • Set the printerhead velocity to maximum 40 mm/sec, for decreased vibrations.
  • Suitable printing materials: PLA tough or regular PLA.
  • The silencer must be printed with the exit hole downwards, se picture.
  • Do not use supports! The overhang is well within limitations.
  • If your printer has build plate adhesion problems, use a brim.

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