Accessory Design Contest!

Ends Mar 15, 2016

Put a “spin” to the classic R/C Design with accessories!

Spice up the Open R/C car by designing new car accessories for it! We’ve updated the design with holes where accessories can fit including the front end, bumper, sides, and inside the cockpit! Your imagination is the limit as you are free to design any accessory that will fit into these designated holes or onto the car. Now’s your chance to win a ZYYX+ 3D Printer by contributing to the Open R/C Open Source Community.

Ends on: March 15, 2016 at 23:59:59 PST

Open R/C Accessory Design Contest!

Win These Prizes!

ZYYX+ Open R/C Contest Prize

1st Prize

ZYYX+ Open R/C Contest Prize Electronics Kit

2nd Prize

ZYYX+ Polo T-shirt

3rd-5th Prize

ZYYX+ Polo T-shirt

6th-10th Prize

  • Limited Edition ZYYX Polo Shirt


  • Pinshape Contest Judge Daniel Noree

    Daniel Noree

    3D Designer & Creator of Open R/C

    Blogger, speaker, designer, maker, and Daniel does it all! Whether it's improving ways to apply 3D printing to everyday life, or developing mesmerizing projects to showcase 3D printing – Daniel knows how to get the job done.

  • Pinshape Contest Judge Mats Moosberg

    Mats Moosberg

    CEO of MagicFirm Europe

    Mats started his career in product development after having graduated from Chalmers University of Technology with a Masters-degree in computer science. Some 20 years later, after various leading positions in multinational companies and innovation driven start-ups, Mats interest was turned to 3D Printing. Mats passion was soon turned into a company and so today he is the CEO of Magicfirm Europe AB with head quarters in Gothenburg (Sweden). "To have your hobby and greatest interest as a way to make your living; what more could you ask for?"

  • Pinshape Contest Judge Chris William Halliday

    Chris William Halliday

    Pinshape Ambassador

    I am a 29 year old from beautiful British Columbia. I enjoy printing and CAD to improve my everyday life as well as helping others. My hobbies, aside from 3d printing and designing, consist of circle track racing, exploring my beautiful surroundings on Vancouver Island as well as tinkering on cars.

Rules & Eligibility

  1. Contest closes on March 15, 2016 at 23:59:59 PST
  2. Entries cannot have been previously submitted to a Pinshape contest
  3. A valid entry will contain at least 1 accessory that will fit into the contest specific design of the R/C F1 Car. If you submit more than one accessory, you have a higher chance of winning.
  4. Entries must comply with Pinshape’s content policy
  5. Entrants must be registered with Pinshape to enter
  6. There is no fee to enter the challenge
  7. Entrants can submit as many unique entries as they would like
  8. Contest open worldwide


Designs will be judged on the following criteria:

Creativity : 40 points

Overall design quality, uniqueness, intricacy and detail

Technical Excellence : 40 points

Compatibility with Original R/C F1 design, ease of printing on FDM 3D printers

Presentation: detailed description : 20 points

What settings should be used to print?
High-quality pictures and tags

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter the contest?

Download the Open R/C Contest Design to see where the holes are to insert accessories. Create 1 or more accessories to fit into the R/C Design and Upload them to Pinshape and make sure to check the “Submit this model to Open R/C Accessory Design Contest!” box on the upload form.

Keep in mind though, we are looking for designs that will be compatible with the Open R/C F1 design, so almost any existing design will need to be modified.

What kind of files can I submit for the challenge?

We accept .STL, .MCX, .AMF, .3MF, .DXF, .IGES, .DWG, .STEP, .ACIS, .OBJ, .FORM, .PDF, .DOCX, .TXT and .ZIP files. You can submit up to a max of 150 files and 25 photos (this is photos of the design not files for the design). 100MB is the maximum total file size.

What happens to my design if I win?

You will keep ownership of the design and it will remain available to everyone in the Pinshape community to enjoy!

Can I submit designs I’ve made available on other sites or for other contests?

Yes you can. If it isn’t on Pinshape yet and it is something you’ve designed, it’s fair game!

Do I still own my designs when I post them?

Of course! We will never take over control of your work, we’re on your side.

When/how will the winners be announced?

The winner will be announced in the week following the end of the contest, in a post on the Pinshape blog. If you’re a winner, you’ll be contacted directly by the Pinshape team.

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