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Music Merch Design Contest For WALLA

This Contest Has Ended

Thanks to all the participants - we love you!

Design Great Merch for WALLA To
Earn Royalties From Future Sales & More!

If you've ever wanted to say "I'm with the band", this is your chance! We've teamed up with WALLA to create some awesome 3D printed music merchandise for their fans, but we need your help! Design a great piece of merch for WALLA and you'll win royalties from the sale of the product and more!

To create a great product, you’ll want to design something fans of WALLA will love. Feel free to include their logo , colors, and especially WALLY the TV from their “Nature” music video . Some possible products could include:

  • WALLY the TV Action Figure
  • WALLA Mug/Espresso Cup
  • WALLA Pog Slammer

WALLA will review your designs and pick the ones they love. They'll turn those into real products and offer those for sale to their fans, with you getting a cut of each sale! This is a great opportunity to have your work reach a passionate fan base, and for your designs to be appreciated and loved by people all over the world.

11:59pm PST November 23

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