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Thanks to all the participants - we love you!

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Show Off Your Low Poly Skills and
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Polygons are overrated, let’s get back to basics! This is your chance to blend the nostalgia of simpler times with new age technology by blocking out a cool low poly sculpt for the world to enjoy. We’ll be looking for that distinctive ‘chunky’ design style, but your design can be anything you like! Remember, creating a multicolor design can make up for a lot of the detail you lose in this style, so be creative! To get you started, why not make something like:

  • Characters, Celebrities, Great People in History
  • Animals
  • Cars, Space Ships
  • Pop Culture & Nostalgia
  • Art/Sculptures
  • Jewellery + Jewellery Stands
  • Functional items (planters, phone cases, key hiders, etc) - bonus points if combined with the other categories!

11:59pm PST September 30

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