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Ends December 19, 2016

This Contest Has Ended

Thanks to all the participants - we love you!

Share Your Prints & Win Free Algix3D Filament!

If you love trying out new types of filament, upload your prints to get sample packages of Algix3D’s newly released OMNI and Alga filament. OMNI filament has the strength properties of ABS with the resolution quality of PLA. It is made from mostly renewable material and is fully compostable. Like it sounds, Alga filament is made from a combination of algae and PLA material.

The best print will win a 375g roll of OMNI filament or a cartridge of Formlabs Resin and a subscription to Simplify3D.

Ends on: December 19, 2016 at 23:59:59 PST

Algix3D Print Contest


  • Pinshape Contest Judge Ryan Hunt

    Ryan Hunt

    co-founder & CTO of ALGIX

    Ryan Hunt is a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer of ALGIX companies. He also serves as the Managing Director of ALGIX 3D. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Master of Science in Biological and Agricultural Engineering from the University of Georgia. Ryan uses his diverse skill set and research experience to drive innovation and promote sustainability and excellence for the leadership and vision of ALGIX 3D

  • Pinshape Contest Judge Castomized


    Pinshape Ambassador

    Alessandro of Castomized is an Architect and Designer who explores the potential of 3D printing in creating tactile data representations through generative algorithms and computational design.

Rules & Eligibility

  1. Contestants can enter as many times as they want.
  2. Each unique print uploaded to Pinshape counts as 1 entry.
  3. 30 winners will be chosen at random to win 1x 100g roll of Alga and 1x 100g roll of OMNI filament each.
  4. The best print will get a license to Simplify3D and a 375g roll of OMNI all-purpose filament or a cartridge of Formlabs resin.
  5. Free worldwide shipping for winners!


Pictures of prints will be judged on the following:

Complexity of Model (25 Points)
More complex prints get more points.
Print Quality (25 Points)
The better the print turned out, the more points you’ll get.
Image Composition (25 Points)
Is the print presented creatively and beautifully?
Image Clarity (25 Points)
Is the print in focus and well lit?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter the contest?

Print a design on Pinshape and snap a great photo of your print! Upload your print to Pinshape and be sure to check the box that says “Submit this model to Algix3D Print Contest”.

When/how will the winners be announced?

The winner will be announced in the week following the end of the contest, in a post on the Pinshape blog. If you’re a winner, you’ll be contacted directly by the Pinshape team.

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