Afinia H800

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Avatar small By Rusty on Oct 21 2016
From a newbie this was a good choice

I have never worked with a 3D printer before I got the Afinia H800.  I took some time to read the manual { new experience before working with something} and then followed the steps.  I got a few balls of fishing string results first few times but gradually got it dialed in and up and running.  Now I can print things quickly with ABS but not had any PLA turn out.  I think I need to adjust the nozzle temp but not sure yet how to do that.  There is a setting in the OEM software for it but so far nothing has worked in PLA.

Avatar small By alanpalm on Oct 26 2016
Great printer

great printer for what I use it for, very easy to use and very low maintenance 

Avatar small By Tom Sievert on Dec 15 2016
The Easiest Printer Ive Ever Used

Of all the 3D printers I have used in the past, the afinia is something absolutely unique. With other 3D printers, options of printing are omitted in order to simplify the experience and streamline production, combined with slicing programs that are either unoptimized or are meant for a specific material. The Afinia series in question always has a flat build plate, and height adjustment is done automatically via a touch sensor. Option to reprint without resending the file is handy if initial layers of the print have issues as well as making sever versions of the same print. Overall, a clean user experience with a simple design that reduces the pain and agony that is leveling and adjusting the height of a 3D printer.

Avatar small By lsimonds on Jan 08 2018
Very easy to use

Our H800 is used in an educational institution for student/faculty projects. It is very easy to operate with minimal training. Print quality is excellent and we have had no problems with operation.

Avatar small By mark.grubbs1 on Apr 27 2018
I love 3d printing and the Afinia H800 got me here

This printer was loaned to me about 2 Months ago. It has been running non stop. I am amazed at what I can do with it. I am surprised with running  these stepper motor so hot that they keep running without issue. I have had a lot of failed prints to start off because of lack of experience. Mostly due to part lifting off the bed and restricting flow which causes the extruder to strip the filament. I have strictly used ABS because most of my work needed strength and high temperature durability. Although I am looking at other printers to purchase I would recommend the Afinia H800 and may purchase one in the future. The software is very easy to use. It was upgraded twice since I got the printer and both times it was a pleasant surprise. I think the main issue I am not focused on buying this now is the need to carry a laptop back and forth to the garage to download new prints. I think  this printer needs a flash drive option.

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