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Avatar small By entry on Oct 19 2016
Sturdy little workhorse

It is easy to setup and run on windows (up to Windows 10) and gives good quality smooth prints at the 0.15 setting I usually use  (I've only worked with ABS).  The software is easy to use and it rarely messes up unless the plate needs leveling  (for me it was once in 3 years).  The automatic supports provided by the software work well but are sometimes placed where they are difficult to remove.   The build plate is a bit small however (about 5x5).   I haven't needed any support except requesting drivers in the early days and I don't know of a specific H480 community. 

I like models with moving parts and small repair items for around the house (clips, trim, connectors etc.).  ABS produces strong parts so it works well.

The feature I miss most is having a second head for using dissolvable support material or software that lets you model the supports explicitly.   I spend a lot of time trying to arrange models to avoid use of supports.  A bigger build plate would always be an improvement.

Avatar small By dhoard2 on Oct 20 2016
The Afinia 480 is a high quality 3D printer.

This printer does an excellent job. My only wish is that the platform was bigger. It is a workhorse. I have a camera  on it so I can watch from work. When it finishes a job, I remotely cut off the power to the printer. I control the power with a WeMo switch and my iPhone. I am very happy with this printer. 

Avatar small By imeiser on Oct 26 2016
Affinia H480

This 3D printer is a good beginner's printer. It doesn't have a huge platform but it works well for small jobs. My biggest issue is that there are cold spots along the outside edges that cause the parts to deform and curve upward even after a full preheating. But other than that, it has been relatively easy to set up and use, the part quality has been good when they have printed on the warm sides, and their customer service has been pretty good.

Small 15135948 10154849461655992 5443467889205082223 n By Azmo on Feb 26 2017
Afinia H480

This is my first 3D printer, considering the price, i think it's an entry level printer and i'm very happy with it.  The software is simple and the printer never did any error.  I printed a few user submitted designs and everything went fine.  Still learning about the settings but google is very usefull .

I didnt' put any stars in the customer service section since i never had to call and i don't know how they are :-)

Avatar small By JusLooKinG on Jan 30 2018
Afinia H480

First printer, took awhile to get used to it, had a few problems along the way but in time got it working and its printing very well.

Avatar small By strongcraig on Jan 03 2020
Rock solid little ABS printer that can be tweaked without major modifications to print some PLAs

Have been using a version of this printer since 2011. If you don't mind using the dumbed down slicer, which does an excellent job, as opposed to having all options at your fingertips in Cura or the like, and your prints are small and you can add a cooling fan for PLA, this printer makes solid, consistent, beautiful prints.

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