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Small 10994933 750820318740 3256052704871737708 n By yuri on Oct 25 2016
Maker Gear M2 = The Best

Great overall build, really high quality print. Runs with no real problems. Software isnt very good, even with the $150 purchase of the better software they recommend. Probably the best printer out there for the price point.

Avatar small By Tom Tourigny on Oct 25 2016
Great Machine

I am brand new to 3D printing, so most of my issues have been my own fault. This this works amazing, and is fairly idiot proof, I am a prime example. Great quality, I had an issue, I unknowingly created, and tech support was through email. That's the only down side, email is very inefficient, especially when your not sure what's wrong or how to describe an issue.

Avatar small By willnewton on Oct 25 2016
Been in love with mine for years

I never have felt like I needed an upgrade from my 3d printer.  There is not much better build quality to be had and there is a friendly forum and good support.  I have used my Makergear M2 printer to make other CNC machines for large format 3dprinting and lasering, but it is the one I have used on a near daily basis for several years.   It is printing as I type. Great machine!

Small 76875 10151062309688204 622605042 n By james.tomich on Nov 04 2016
We have over 10 machines for Engineering Education at a South Dakota Engineering College, SDSMT

We have 9 of these because they work, and are running hard all the time.  This is my favorite Material Extrusion Desktop System, easy to mod.  We are approaching 500 lbs of filiment through M2's for engineering and education.  It uses G-Code like the rest of the CAD/CAM industry.  GREAT SYSTEM

Avatar small By neo.usagi on Oct 21 2016
MakerGear M2 - A solid platform for growing into

I purchased my MakerGear M2 in 2012 so its a bit different than the current version now being sold by MakerGear. Since this was my first 3D printer, I got lucky in choosing this because of the quality of the build. In short its one of the toughest and most precise printers I've seen. But this is not a printer for beginners because it was intended for a more intermediate / advanced user and  lacks some of the conveniences (like bed sensor and OctoPrint interface) that current printers have.  I've modified this printer considerably since purchasing it. One of the big changes is swapping the stock hotted for an E3D hotend. This made a really big difference in reliability and print quality.  Its all metal frame and reliable components make this a very precise and consistent printer. It has been working 4 years with at least 2 large (>10cm X 10cm base) prints per week. The online community for this printer is active and helpful. There are several useful modifications for the M2 in online archives like Thingiverse. 

I'd give this printer a 5-star review if it were the perfect machine out of the box. Aside from all the great positives I list above there are three drawbacks. First, it originally delivered with a hotend  that was a challenge to print PLA. I've heard that this has been significantly improved in recent versions. Second, you need to buy a second party 3D slicer (Simplify 3D is my suggestion) for it to work at its best. Slic3r is a good program and I recommend it for hobbyists on a budget but it's starting to trail behind commercial slicing software. Third, the latest 3D printers in this price category offer many features (auto bed leveling, raspberry pi controller, bed sensor, etc) that the M2 doesn't. These can be added to the M2 with a bit of tinkering and  from a learning perspective, this is a good thing for people that want to learn the ins and outs of their printer.

In short, if you are looking for a durable and reliable printer that you can grow into and upgrade, the M2 is a great choice. If you want an easy out of the box experience with all the modern features, this may not be the printer for you. 

Small 166607 107469982664834 498278 n By Mymoliso on Nov 07 2016
Work horse

The M2 was my first 3D printer, that I purchased in 2015. I wanted something fool-proof, sturdy, and repairable if needed. To be honest, while learning how to do 3D printing, I gave this printer a beating and it never failed. Once I figured out all my user errors with 3D Simplify and design-for-printing in general, the printer produced excellent quality. Eventually I got to the point where I no longer needed any kind of adhesive on the plate (glue sticks, painter's tape, hair spray; I tried them all), I can print PLA to clean glass with out issue. For ABS, I use the slightest amount of juice.

I was so confident in the quality that I put the printer online at 3DHub and took orders from customers. I would not have done that if it produced crap.  I also posted a few prints to Thingiverse that I was proud of. I have successfully printed several 8 to 10 hour-long print jobs.

I really like the option to print custom parts for it as needed. Leveling the table took a bit to get right, but it holds its placement well so you don't have to level constantly. All the parts are easily accessible. I got Ninja Flex caught up in the extruder gear the first time (that filament is very flexible and needs a little extra guidance to thread); I simply disassembled the head with the supplied tools, cleared out the gear, and put it back together to continue printing in minutes. 

Avatar small By sideshowtony on Mar 23 2017
A Dream

I purchased another company's 3D printer 2 years ago. The experience was horrible. It printed one item then never worked again. The customer service was on par with having a root canal done. They sent me another one...didn't work...and another one....didn't work...finally....after months, I got my money back. So, I wasn't too keen on getting another 3D printer no matter who was selling it.

Well, here I am 2 years later and am thrilled with my Makergear M2. The experience of unboxing was so was the ease of printing...that I was simply floored. I've done AT LEAST a print a day for the past week and only ran into 2 problems. And those 2 problems? STRICTLY USER ERROR. It was due to my own mistake.

If you want a sure thing (don't we all?) check out Makergear's won't regret it.

Small guinness pint avatar By CPatrick on May 11 2017
MakerGear M2, Rev. E

I opted for the pre-built M2, Rev. E.  Setup was a breeze, and I was producing successful high-quality prints in a short time.  I had the total opposite experience with a Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus; which required consistent babysitting and bed leveling antics.

I'm using Simplify3D as my slicer, and I've had absolutely no print failures.  I have an extra glass build plate, and make sure to never try to remove a finished print from the build plate while it is affixed to the printer.  Otherwise, all I do is make sure that the build plate is clean.  No build plate sticking issues with PLA or ABS.  I wish I could attach some photos of the items I've printed.  The quality is truly impressive.

Small 173073 1588489837244 3233015 o By stefan_g on May 31 2017
MakerGear M2 is AMAZING!!!

Absolutely love this printer! I am on my 20+ roll of PLA and this printer is a workhorse without any issues. 

The customer service is great. Once I accidentally sheered off the extruder tip trying to change it and they gave me a new one. When I explained that it was my fault, they replied that the instructions weren't super clear on how to remove it so they were going to just send me a new one anyway!  

I used BLUE loctite on the bed leveling screws as the fast honeycomb infill would wiggle the machine enough that they would need adjusting. After that I have only adjusted the bed once in the last 10 months!!! 

I send things to print and walk away while the machine is heating up knowing that it will just work. Try doing that with any other printer in this price range. 


Avatar small By John Fallara on May 30 2017
Incredibly Solid Printer

I initially had an older M2 which I recently upgraded to use the v4 hotend. It's a very solid printer that produces some stellar results and had handled every type of filament I've thrown at it. The one caveat is that it isn't quite as user-friendly as something like an Ultimaker or a MakerBot. In particular I find tweaking the bed leveling a bit of a hassle at times, as I have to relevel the bed more often than I would like; though I've read that the newer ones are more reliable in that regard. However, once I've got the settings really "dialed in" I can just hit print and walk away. I'm using Simplify 3D for my slicer, which has profiles for the M2. It's a very powerful and easy-to-use slicer.

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