MakerBot Replicator 2X

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Improve Printer Specifications
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Print Bed Size (mm)
246 x 152 x 155
Layer Resolution
100 microns
Material Types
ABS, PLA, Flexible, Dissolvable
Maximum Temperature
280° C
Open Source

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Avatar small By antonmarcelo on Dec 23 2016
Good Printer

The software IMHO is fair, but easy to use.  The two extruders have some problems, but nothing impossible to use. The community helps a lot. The printer is a good solution for some aplications (in my case wargame scenarios and  kit bahsing) and works well. A good choice to buy

Not for the feint of heart.

I've owned this machine for 3 years now, thus far it's been a nightmare. It arrived with countless issues, one of the heads wouldn't heat up, the bed heats up uneven, and would stop printing anything over 10cm tall. 

However, when it works it does so with amazing quality even in the "medium" setting (for some reason it will allways ruin high quality prints) and by the time it had shown all the problems, the 6 month guarantee was over... yay.

Not happy with it.

Small displaylogo By 3dDesignPrint on Apr 06 2017
My 3D printer is named Fred! :D

It is a clone, but uses the MightyBoard which I love because I can ReplicatorG software to print with.  It was $650 when I first bought it, but after the learning curve it has done an excellent job.   Good first printer for ease of use.

Small 15400369 217681255308397 3631441253817532028 n By ben_drake on Apr 11 2017
This, my second 3d printer will never buy another

The printer worked immediately after the very few parts were installed by me. Everything about buying this printer is much better than I expected. I contacted the factor in China about a cable that I thought was missing. Turns out these newer models no longer use it. After a couple back and forth e-mails Audrey living in China thanked me for my courtesy  and said she would send me a gift for my troubles. (The only trouble was the manual said the cable was needed). I received 4 of the plastic pads that go on the build plate, 3 nozzles and a cable that the machine does use. None of this was required on her part. The machine has performed flawlessly. There are a couple things that I felt needed improvement, 1. The SD slot must be moved out of the machine as dust fills it. I tape over unless using, 2. The on/off switch is in the back of the machine and needs to be moved around the front. For me, being disabled, in the back is not a good place.

That's it. I will buy another of these if this one ever goes so far down that it cannot be repaid. Excellent machine setup. Works first time every time, looks good but does refuse my advances. Well, nothing can be perfect.

Small banner.5 By Arif Sethi on Jul 09 2017
amazing printer

Good quality printer.  you would expect that prices will drop with the time. not really :( 

need some mods if you like to run wide range of matterials ( change extruder to a trusty One ) 

amazing prints with ABS and Dual extrusion.

Avatar small By jakobmyrah on Nov 07 2017
MakerBot Replicator 2X Review

The makerBot Replicator 2X is a quality printer. The only thing you have to watch out for is objects with parts that jut out over the edge. The printer fails to fulfill a quality print if there are parts levitating over an edge. All and all, it it is worth the buy, and is very useful.

Avatar small By Alexander_Rietz on Dec 21 2017
Good printer, although it has a few design flaws

The Replicator 2X is a nice, easy to use printer that is capable of producing rather high quality prints. It takes some dialing in, and the user will most likely find that there are some design flaws that makes it difficult to maintain predictable print quality. Most importantly, when mounting the filament on the back (which is by design), the friction throughout the tube and into the extruder will sometimes (quite often once it has gotten some wear) lead to the extruder losing grip on the filament and thus stop extruding. There are several ways of fixing this, my solution being to mount the filament directly over the extruder so there is minimal friction between the filament roll and the print head. The Recplicator 2X is designed for use with ABS. If it is desirable to print PLA, it is quite easy (and certainly necessary) to attach a fan to cool the material to obtain high quality PLA prints. Don't forget to disable the fan when switching back to ABS, though! Once the printer is dialed in and proper settings are found, the Replicator 2X provides reliable, good quality prints time and time again. Given its age and the advancements in 3D printer tech since its release, I would not recommend this printer to a newcomer (unless found at a very good price), since it is an expensive printer.

Avatar small By clivemkp on May 14 2018
Excellent Printer

Excellent printer, takes a couple of hours to set up, but well worth the time taken once running.  Getting the software up and running is a little tricky, it seems to be hard to find for the software, However once up and rumnning seems to work well.  So far only one small item has not printed properly, having said that I think resizing it to a larger size would cure that problem.  Only one thing I cannot get the second feeder to work as yet and I see a firmware upgrade is available so hopefully this should sort it out.

Generally a good well thought out printer.  Watch the You tube set up and advice videos they are very helpful.

Also Tighten everything up when you set it up for the first time and if there is a loose bolt and nut in the box find its  home!

Avatar small By oafuentealba on Jan 27 2019
markebot replicator 2

Buena impresora la tengo hace ya casi tres años y no me dado ningun problema, lo unico que he puesto una placa de vidrio en la cama, cuando termino de hacer una impresion saco el vidrio y coloco otro vidrio para seguir imprimiendo, he estado 48hs imprimiendo sin problemas.

Small capricorn By Michael Steele on Oct 24 2019
This is a very fine easy to use printer

This has always been better than any printer i've had

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