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Avatar small By PXD on Oct 20 2016
Good software for user, Ease of Use

In order to improve performance, suggest to add HBP (Heated Build Plate) .

Upgrading to the latest version Extruder is very important if you 're using old verision Extruder. 

Besides, PolyPlus PLA material from PolyMaker is the best materials working with Z18 after comparing among some PLA materials.

Small capture d %c3%a9cran 2013 09 18 %c3%a0 9.01.10 am By etoconir on Oct 20 2016

Don't buy this printer for is quality print part and that print speed. But for the size of your print part. For is reliability it's not the best, but is really better than 2-3 years. We updating the cheap plastic build plate for a glass heat bed and whit that we same time, because we don't need raft and builtTak tape.

Avatar small By Michail Sarafoglou on Oct 23 2016
Only pla

it is a printer with close software and hardware 

Avatar small By Shelly Shuman on Oct 25 2016
We love it!

Our students are printing out some neat stuff using the iPads and programs like tinker cad. Our students are learning to design process and thinking skills it takes to make things happen.

Avatar small By Greenteaparfait on Dec 06 2017
I recommend this printer to others.

Though expensive to buy, but i am satisfied with the qualities of the prints. Also easy to maintain, i.e. replacing a spool or the print head.

Avatar small By ivotedeauclaire2014 on Jun 25 2018
Never worked

It was the worst thing I ever purchased - it never worked,  the software was out of date and no other was available.  I never received any replies from my inquires.  It became a very expensive mistake.  Do not buy.  We had really looked forward to 3 D printing and saved up to purchase this machine.

Avatar small By victematic on Jul 31 2018
a good stuff

i am a beginner in the 3d printing industry, but for moment, this machine are very useful for me and it helps me a lot doing my projects ... i ll be back with more reviews when i will be better user ! good stuff

 Z 18

Avatar small By tcmask on Oct 31 2019
good machine

z18 it does seems to have a bit of a software problem from the old soft ware to the new  but all around its a good machine I never had major problems with it I like it 

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