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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
152 x 152 x 158
Layer Resolution
125000 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
300° C
Open Source

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Avatar small By Charlie Kalkreuter on Oct 19 2018
Lulzbot Mini

Great little printer. Easy to use and good for beginners. Would recommend.

Avatar small By ndrw.lxndr1 on Jan 08 2019
I like it!

(this is actually the Mini 2)

This is my first 3D printer so don't have much to compare it with, but I'm a technical guy, did a lot of research, and the Mini 2 had all the features I wanted to get started with.  It's been working great so far.

Avatar small By gjacquet01 on Feb 02 2019
Great product for beginners

Very easy to use !

Avatar small By Ashley3DArtist on Feb 07 2019
Love this little printer!

It's a little pricey for the size but you get what you pay for. It comes with auto bed leveling (which is a deal breaker for me), the reliability is great compared to other printers on the market, the quality and customer service is fantastic. Plus it comes with tools and extra PEI surfaces that are pre-cut for the bed. Working on the printer is a breeze, lulzbot put the printer together in a way that makes sense and makes everything easily accessible.  Love this little printer, by far my favorite that I've used. 

Avatar small By Lauren Slade on Feb 11 2019
Great for the classroom!

Easy to use and teach a group of students!

Small img 20181114 095042 By Benjamin Flanagin on Feb 26 2019
A work horse of a pony!

I purchased my Lulzbot Mini used from someone that had multiple printers.  The build quality is excellent and beyond the usual unforeseen issues like power outages you can rely on the job getting done. Coming from a Mod-T (one of the easiest printers to use on the market) the Lulzbot is truly professional grade. I can print just about any filament on the market and unlike the Mod-T almost everything is replaceable / upgrade-able so even the first gen printers are still a great buy.

Avatar small By mystickphoenix on Mar 24 2019
Mini 2 instead of SLA

Was looking for the best value for the money specifically focusing on high quality prints (D&D Miniatures to be specific).  Ended up settling on the Lulzbot Mini 2 with the SL (0.25mm) print head and couldn't be happier.  I'd be hard pressed to notice the difference in quality between my printer and (messy, annoying, cleanup is painful, etc) SLA printers.  In addition, I was at that level of quality by my 2nd or 3rd print!  Very very happy with the printer, it's been running almost non-stop since I got it plugged in and turned on :)

Avatar small By Puresteel on Apr 25 2019
If you need a smaller print area (6x6x6), this is your printer.

I picked a used Lulzbot  mini up on eBay for 350$ all I had to do was replace the print bed.  It is a great little printer and exceeded all of my expectations.  It was very easy to set up and has a great default print quality.  This thing is built like a tank and has a 3d printed handle under one of the cross bars.  I would buy it all over again.  If I was buying new for over 1,000 I might get an original Prusa i3 or an Ulitmaker Original+ instead.  However if you can find a good deal on a second hand Lulzbot Mini I highly recommend it.

In short you should check eBay for a good deal on a Lulzbot mini 1 because people are unloading them for pretty cheap at the current writing of this review.  They are built really well so I consider buying one second hand a good buy.

Avatar small By aiman hussein on May 14 2019
LuzBot Mini: the way to go for beginners

As far as software goes there is not much simpler then Cura. Their auto-leveling calibration plates allow them to have a  consistent Z height: perfect 1st layer. 

Avatar small By kljjbb on Jun 06 2019
Lulzbot Mini purchased used.

This is my first 3D printer.  I purchased the mini used and not working.  I fixed a broken wire that goes to the Y axis microswitch and it has been printing faultlessly ever since.  I seems to be a well built machine although why they decided to mount a microswitch on a moving part escapes me.  I have a lot to learn to get the most out of this machine and the Cura software but so far both the manufacturer and the Lulzbot community have been a great help.  I have used it with both 3mm and 1.75mm filament without any problems.

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