Leapfrog Creatr HS

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Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
280 x 240 x 180
Layer Resolution
20 microns
Material Types
All Leapfrog Maxx Essentials and Leapfrog Maxx Pro
Maximum Temperature
275° C
Open Source

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Small print  just3dp web 1c orange mit hintergrund weiss By JUST3DP on Oct 20 2016
Good Brand

You have to deal with the printer. We have one of the first series, so there are many suggestions for improvement. The results are not always traceable.

Avatar small By 3D Supply Guys on Oct 24 2016
Very solid hardware that works well with Simplify3D, but the firmware leaves a bit to be desired.

From a hardware perspective, the Leapfrog Creatr HS is well-built piece of machinery.  Every piece of the machine feels solid, and built to last.  Gantry movement is crisp, quick, and precise - even at high speeds & with inevitable vibration, the machine moves with accuracy and precision.  The only downside to the machine's hardware is in terms of noise:  the motors are quite loud, and I would recommend using the machine in an office setting only within a noise-reducing enclosure.

The firmware is a little weak, particularly when evaluated in comparison to the high performing hardware. Reinstalling firmware and drivers when issues arise is a slow manual process, and the documentation / requisite files aren't always clearly identified and accessible.

The lack of leveling feedback or a leveling indicator is a weak point of the machine, as improper leveling is the inevitable cause of most errors you might experience with the machine.

Overall, the cost to value is about right.  You're paying for the hardware: as long as you don't mind putting in some extra time to  learn the ins and outs of Simplify3D, and carefully level the bed - the machine will give reliable service with high precision.

Small g4727 01 By Peter De Corte on Aug 12 2017
Value for Money

Fast, accurate, Dual extrusion, Sturdy design.

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