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Flashforge came out with an updated version of this printer called the Creator Pro so their Creator is no longer availible for purchase from Flashforge. This printer has a laser cut wood frame and comes with a dual extruder. The design was derived from the Open Source Makerbot Replicator 1 model.

Product Details

Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
225 x 145 x 150
Layer Resolution
100-500 microns
Material Types
ABS, PLA, PLA Composites
Maximum Temperature
250° C
Open Source

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Small 149081 10152735419705093 25071358 n By [email protected] on Oct 20 2016
Acceptable Printer

Over a year using it, great with PLA, not so much with ABS unless you can built an enclosed chamber. Filament spools often fall from the spool holder tubes on the back. Over all, very good quality prints.

Small img 0003 By Tom Headley on Oct 20 2016
My creator is a workhorse.

I print ABS (small footprint items), PLA and TPU with this machine.  I have printed thousands of hours one it and it requires very little upkeep.

Avatar small By didde1 on Oct 25 2016
need to upgrade parts

Works great after upgrading all the plastic parts to metal and the software to sailfish, But the upgrades are getting harder to get now

Small p1200302s By mingshiuan on Oct 25 2016
This CP value is very high

1. This CP value is very high, the focus is that it is very quiet when printing, print jobs when you sleep no problem. 2. Finder has a touch panel, off-line printing, the operation is very simple, very suitable for beginners. 3. Can be pumping platform is very convenient 4. Slice program is simple and easy to set 5. Print quality is very good! My Finder 3D printer works the print process Http://mingshiuan.blogspot.com...

Avatar small By franco fagiani on Jan 08 2019
good product.

Easy to disassemble when needed. The surface of the plate is very good. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to manage the printer via the computer.

Avatar small By egarbe on Feb 01 2019
Great first 3D printer.

I bought this used as my first exposure to 3D printing and can not be happier with the results I have had for knowing nothing from the start. I have found plenty of information about this printer online which has aided with a few thing I had questions about. Overall I found it very easy to get this printing with few problems.

Avatar small By marinaldi on Apr 24 2019
working around the clock

I have had 2 of these printers working around the clock so this is an extreme look at the printers.  For general 2 d printing with one head and various materials - great printer.  With the amount of printing done on these printers maintenance becomes important.  There is no simple way of aligning both print heads.  Both printers have become single head printers over time because of the alignment issue.  Both bed surfaces have worn out and have been replaced with a glass surface.   These printers have become work horses churning out parts for my classes 24-7.  The enclosed case keeps the temp constant and the prints consistent even when working in a 50 degree basement.

Bottom line - a great single head printer able to put out a consistent product using a variety of materials.  Minuses - the print bed material, the dual head alignment and software support.

Avatar small By juancho buchanan on Dec 06 2019
It just works

After countless hours of work, this beast just plugs along.  Cannot believe i got so lucky with my first printer.

Avatar small By alazaro2000 on Apr 26 2020
Very useful and simple printer.

I got the printer a few years ago and still running great. Is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. The only time I had to work on it happened as I was learning to use it and adjusting the settings.   I have used to print a prosthetic hand and other tools for people.  Beautiful simple machine!

Avatar small By cigarman573 on Sep 03 2020
Great Printer for new makers

This is a great printer with tons of features.

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