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This dual extrusion printer was designed with reliability and ease of use in mind. Featuring a fully enclosed volume, automatic filtering, and a touch screen display, the Flashforge Dreamer makes for an excellent and affordable dual-extrusion machine.

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231 x 150 x 140
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100 microns
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230° C
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Closed Hardware

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Small akronovation logo By Akronovation on May 27 2017
Almost idiot-proof

My previous employer was a prototype house and had several different kinds (SLA, FDM, Z-Corp, Carbon) and sizes of machines, but I was not an operator. I did design parts and have them built on all of them, so I do have some knowledge of build orientation, supports, materials, etc.

This the first 3D printer I have owned and it is so simple to use. I like the larger, but not huge build platform. I have had few problems and good success with prints, both PLA and ABS. It came with a BildTak surface (in FlashForge blue with their logo) which has held up well so far (I'm still using the one it came with).

I haven't had as much success with using both heads in one print, but that may be because of using different materials (PLA and ABS); using two different colored but similar materials may work fine, but I haven't tried that yet. I thought at some point I might want to try a spool of dissolving support material, but so far have avoided that use for the second spool/head.

I haven't run out of my first spools of material, so I'm not sure how I will deal with the smaller-than-most spools, but I did buy more filament. Not sure if I will wind it onto the smaller spools or do as others and adapt the machine to feed the filament on the larger spools from the outside of the case.

The printer sits on a credenza behind my desk in my office and does make noise, but not so much that you can't talk. It's hardly audible outside of my office.  I have taken to wearing earbuds while it prints to mask some of the noise since I sit so close.

So far, I would definitely recommend this printer.

Avatar small By grantojbenton on Jun 25 2017
FlashForge Dreamer - To Love or Hate

Like all devices & machines we buy our whole lives, they are built to a budget as opposed to a quality standard, & the quality standard is the level of what they can get away with... Having spent 20 years in Automotive developments & aviation, these industries are no exception.... as are 3d Printers.

The Flash-Forge Dreamers are a relatively good build compared to some machines I have had, however I would make a point of nipping up the screws of the vertical lift mechanism & print bed, also the motor mounts around the machine, & check the external case screws too.   Print size max = 230 x 150  by approx 140 tall (ish)

I have 4 Dreamers now & they have each passed 1500 print hours print use...

The motors & mother boards survived , but I did add a 5 amp 12v mini power supply & run a CPU cooler & aluminium heat sink on each motor, a centrifugal blower for the X-Carriage Transverse Motor, & a string or remote controlled 12v LED's to better illuminate the case internals.

In the lower rear of the machine I also fitted 2 x 120mm fans that suck from the front are & blow toward the case rear. These are 30mm from the rear wall & simply circulate the air in the case.  A digital thermometer shows that the machines do the best prints when the case settles at approx 38'C. I also removed the Right Hand vent & had the lid ajar resting on the front pillars.

I have found that..... the machine ran best when the bed & extruder is heated up for 30 mins before you begin to level the print bed & prep a print. This way, the manual settings remain accurate throughout the print. Setting / Leveling the bed is pointless until the machine has been up to temp for at least 30 minutes.

I also bought a Borosilicate glass sheet to print on, coated it with Elmers Glue-All PVA adhesive diluted to 95% water. Printing ABS, I have the bed at 120'C, nozzles at 230 > 240'C depending on the speeds I want to print at. When the print is complete, un-clip the glass sheet & pop it on a marble slab... the print leaps off with a bang soon after.......  Print after Print, none stop, 6 days a week, 14 hrs a day... they just keep working.

I must say, I am delighted with these 4 Dreamers, and having seen the traumas that other people have with their machines, I think I made a good choice. The display & indexing of functions is easy to drive, the slicing software is SOOOOO simple too. I do now use Simplify3D, as I can get faster prints from the machines, but whenever I need a precision print, the Flash-Print Software always works.... except for Rafts & Supports - these functions are awful tho :-)

I generally start printing at 8am thru 10pm most days on all 4 machines without let-up, other than for a Nozzle change occasionally.... & as long as the machines are handled with care, the bed leveling/height remains good for weeks at a time, & I generally re-set the bed height during a print 1st-layer any way these days.

I have several other machines of 600 x 300 bed size that supersede the Dreamers in many ways, but I will never dispose of these 4 fab little machines. They are just cute & so reliable for smaller jobs that need rattling off quickly.     I've used similar sized alternative makes, costing £1800+ & was not impressed. Flash-Forge Dreamer is an EXCELLENT beginners & commercial quality table top machine for smaller parts.

Marks out of 10 for:

Value for money           10

Ease of use                       10

Reliability                          10

Print Quality                    10

Spare Parts -                     (never needed any)

Slicer Software                8  (rafts & support structure are hopeless)

Would I buy another    YES

Regards to all

Grant B

Small dsc00164 By meharshey on Aug 17 2017
Good First Printer

Overall I have been very satisfied with my Dreamer. My success rate has been way better than I expected. The included software works, and I'll leave it at that. I have moved on to Simplify 3d. Get this software; worth every penny. One complaint is the wifi. It is not at all reliable. I transfer everything on a SD card, or connect with a USB cable. A great feature is the heated bed. I think it has a lot to do with my frequent success. The included stick down bed cover (can't remember what they call it...) works great. It came with replacements, but I am still using the original! Rarely have lifting issues. Actually more the other way. Some prints are very difficult to remove. My extruder nozzles are getting bad, so I ordered a upgrade kit off Amazon. I have not installed them yet, so not sure if they are better. There are lots of cool little upgrades for the Dreamer out there to print.

Avatar small By Alexander Acker on Sep 25 2017
Good printer but fussy

Was hoping this printer was easy enough that my then 11-year old daughter could do some prints without my help but, like most 3D printers, it's fussy.  With lots of monitoring, it does put out very nice prints so we're happy with the quality in general. The software shipped with the printer in 2016 was crap - get Simplify3D!

Avatar small By BryceThe3DPrinter on Dec 27 2017
FlashForge Dreamer is a Believer

The FlashForge company makes very reliable printers. The only problems is the stepper motors and enclosure. One small tug from the filament and it leaves an offset edge. It hard to remove larger prints because you are unable to go all the way around the print. Simplify 3D is very simple, just input an .STL file and edit the settings and supports and there you go. The print quality is awesome. I recommend on more like model or gift prints use a .12 mm layer height. If you are making something fast, use .2 or .25 mm layer height. Overall great printer.

Avatar small By eh on Jan 11 2018
Great machine for getting started

A wonderful introductory machine for getting started with 3d printing.

I set up and got it running within about 15 minutes.  After verifying that the build plate was level, I began with the included tests for the left and right extruders. Everything went without a hitch (if you have issues RTFM).

Since setup I have run my Dreamer for a solid 2 week period non-stop. 

Only a few times have I run into issues, which I could sum up to user error (temp settings for build plate or filament).

This printer would be a great starter for anyone looking to get into smaller design/prototyping work.

Small l3 By luke3 on Feb 26 2018
Pretty great

The print bed could be better, I found that the buildtak type surface gets ruined too quickly, I removed it entirely and replaced with glass and normally use blue painters tape on top.

The first 5 minutes are critical for this printer, there is the occasional bit of over extrusion which will pull off or interfere with the first couple of layers, which will cause the print to fail.

It takes proprietary spools with no mounting points for 3rd party filament, this is easily worked around but annoying all the same.

The included software is a bit rubbish and I found I got an unacceptable level of failed prints using it, I've switched to simplify3D now which is worth the price.

Dual extrusion has turned out to be a bit of waste of money, but thats just my opinion, there are too many quirks and compromises when dual extruding.

Don't be put off by these negatives though, I have had other printers and this one is great overall, I would recommend it and I will buy another Flashforge in the future, I'd give it 4 stars overall.

Avatar small By pkishlock on Nov 07 2018
My first 3D printer.

Prints have worked well so far. Measurement accuracy have been spot on. A little pricey compared to similar models. The enclosed case keep temperatures steady, along with preheating the filament. The dual extruders are nice for working with various materials. Bed tape is a draw back, either sticks to good or not enough depending on bed lubrication. (I spray a very small amount of WD40 onto a rag and apply sparingly, makes separation easier) All in all, it is a well made and accurate printer, I will consider Flashforge again.

Avatar small By kellis on Apr 29 2019
Flashforge Dreamer - WHAT A MACHINE!!!

The Flashforge Dreamer, has worked flawlessly since I purchased it and I have ran over 60lbs of filament through it without a single failed print.  The Flashprint software it comes with is super easy to use and I have found it to work great for combining files. To sum up this little dynamo, it is nothing short of exceptional, reliable and affordable.

Avatar small By Justin Service on Feb 02 2020
good printer decent price.

been running for 4 years so far 

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