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The Cube Pro can print with up to 3 materials at at a time and has WIFI connectivity. It also features one of the largest build volumes for an FDM Hobbiest Machine.

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274 x 269 x 241
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70-350 microns
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Cube Pro Prints 16

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Headphone Stand
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Low Poly Pokemon
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Sapphire Heart
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Spartan Helmet
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Low Poly Pokemon
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Darth Minion

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Avatar small By hiloli on Oct 20 2016

it is a good printer for the workplace with a sleek design and good quality for the price.

Small hoomaan square By hoomaan on Oct 20 2016

Amazing experience with CubePro Trio. I surprised these days with new updates and upgrade kits for CubePro to use Wood and Flex filaments.

Avatar small By linefeed on Oct 20 2016
A solid printer, but the software needs some love...

Coming from a Thing-O-Matic there are a lot of plusses to the Cube Pro. It's a solid performer. But after years of working with Replicator and Sailfish I miss all of the things the community had come up with. The CubePro software is written to do one thing. Print. There's not even a "print another" option, let alone "pause at X height"... A lot of the features that I had taken for granted just aren't there. (And don't get me started on the filament cartridges... I have one cartridge with enough filament left to print a few different models - but the machine won't let me because it says there's not enough. But there IS...) I use it a lot. But I'd use it more if the software was more capable/flexible.

Small 12246801 532869444065 179738776105292596 n By becky_bettencourt on Oct 25 2016
Cube Pro Duo

Cube pro duo is ideal for the classroom environment and is the perfect 3D printer for students to get hands on experience due to it's ease of use and low cost. The finished product can be done in a variety of resolutions and can fit the needs of a variety of projects. Definitely recommend! Especially for 3D printing built in to a college curriculum. 

Small 13310509 10209728221028640 6254445203943102730 n By CP STEM on Oct 25 2016
This printer was a waste of money!

I used this printer 5 times in a year.  The software constantly needed updating.  This year, when I planned to teach my students how to print using it, it stopped working.  Something about a temperature error.  Our wonderful customer service person, from where I bought the printer, has tried to get it working.  It is out of warranty.  I basically spent $4000 to print 5 things.  Now have spent $500 to try to repair it, and it still isn't working.  I should have done better research before buying this printer. 

Avatar small By Joci Beregi on Dec 01 2017
It's like it was made by EA (not bad but very pricey)

I have been using the Cube Pro Duo 3d printer for 2 years, and everything i write below is from my personal experience. I used both PLA and ABS filament.


The software is easy to use, and i found everything in the help menu i needed at the start.

The hardware is good quality, looks good, and is safe, since it has a full body which can be opened quite easily for maintenance. The bed can be removed for removing the print easily.

The quality of the prints are really not bad, the built in support generator works okay, and overall i'm satisfied with the prints (after a bit of tinkering with the settings).


The firs limitation is in the software. I sometimes print very complex projects and due to this i was able to find the limitations of the software quite early. Sometimes the software crashes,  other times it doesn't built the whole thing (multiple layers are missing from the top), and the file transfer over wifi is hideously slow (sometimes over 50 minutes for a 20 hour print), and if you don't have enough material it only shows this after you sent it over, and once you change the cartridge you have to resend the file again.

The mechanism that holds the bed in place(a big metal ring and two magnets) doesn't always locks the bed in the correct position right away and you can't tell this by eye, only when the print is done, and then you can see when the bed shifted to it's correct position by the slight shift in the print itself. And the cartridge chip reader pins broke off after 3 months. the filament loading system is rubbish, nine out of ten times i got a filament error, i tried everything, but it just doesn't work. When i change the filament it sometimes get stuck, and i have to remove a few pieces to clean it out, this isn't the problem, it happens, the problem is that i have to remove the heating jet for this procedure, and it has a heat sensor on it, which has the most brittle wire on earth. I managed to only break two of it in the last two years, and if i solder the two wires together the head starts working, but after 93 minutes of printing t just stops with a heat error.

The prints are basically good, but the small details are hard to recognize (sometimes it tries to make them, but just messes up the print), if the supports are close to the vertical-ish surface of the print, they literary need to be cut off, because he machine sticks them too close to the surface and they stick together pretty hardly.

The "sense how much filament is left" part sound good, but is achieved by a chip thats built into the filament cartridge. With the "special made" Cubify cartridges it works well, BUT it means that you can only use the Cubify Cube Pro branded filaments. You can't use any third party  filament(unless you stick the chip into the machine and load a different filament into the nozzle, but then you end up with a spool of filament that you can't use in this machine). It wont print if you don't have a chip in it, and if it doesn't have enough material on it. And the Cubify filament is low quality and 2-3 times more expensive than the other much higher quality ones.

Avatar small By EddieMull on Oct 25 2018
Cubex & Cube Pro

These are not commonly used anymore and difficult to calibrate and unclog.

Avatar small By KPS3RD on Aug 20 2019
Not a beginner printer.

This was my first printer ever. I had no experience at all. I'm not even that great with computers. It took me 2 weeks before I could make it do anything. I wouldn't blame the printer for my lack of knowledge. These printers get a lot of hate. I personally love it!!!! The slicer does kind of suck but overall it functions well. The cartridges are way to expensive. I'd like to say the filament quality rivals its competitors, unfortunately its just over priced filament. From my experiences it's literally the same stuff as hatchbox or any other reputable filament company. These are outdated so my review is probably worthless haha. 

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