Zortrax M200

by Zortrax
100% Recommended


The Zortrax M200 was designed with true "Plug'n'Play in mind. With a fully enclosed build volume and propertiary software optimized for reliability, this is a great machine for those that need consistent and high quality prints with minimal fuss.

Product Details

Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
200 x 200 x 180
Layer Resolution
90-400 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
360° C
Open Source

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Print Quality
Ease of Use
Build Quality
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Zortrax M200 Prints 85

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rabbit killer
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Music pendant
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GoPro Head Strap Mount
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OpenR/C Formula 1 car

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Small stv 100x100 By stv-is-it on Feb 13 2018
Plug and play for all users

Best experience.

Avatar small By m3dc87 on Mar 03 2018
good printer

zortrax M200 is the best

Avatar small By techgeek on Apr 20 2018
one of the highest quality abs printers

This machine will print consistent high quality pieces.  when i try to go back to using my monoprice maker v2 the print quality cannot compare.  this unit will not print pla but with the side panels it keeps hot enough to avoid warping.

Avatar small By The Stig on Apr 25 2018
Great overall ABS printer, I can really reccomend!

I have now printed 481 hours and never had any issues. 

Small enterprise logo mk 2  circle By Enterprise XD Design on Sep 27 2018
A gift from the gods of 3D Printing

Without this printer I literally could not run my business, and although there's been small niggling problems now and then (they're machines, machines break) they've been amazingly reliable.  Make sure you perform regular maintenance and it'll give you excellent results time and time again.  If you DO have problems then the staff at Zortrax are the best in the business, hands down.  They bend over backwards to help you and they're always friendly and polite.  Seriously, if you want a professional-quality 3D printer you will NEVER find better than Zortrax!

Avatar small By modelfighting on Jul 19 2019
design​ and make various models

Provide your ideas

we can design and make the 3D model  you want.

Welcome to come

Avatar small By Raphael Mouchette on Aug 15 2019
Zortrax M200

Very good print quality and easy to use.

Small 3 By 3dhobbynino on Nov 04 2020

Macchina non più in produzione ma Perfetta

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