Zortrax M200

by Zortrax
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The Zortrax M200 was designed with true "Plug'n'Play in mind. With a fully enclosed build volume and propertiary software optimized for reliability, this is a great machine for those that need consistent and high quality prints with minimal fuss.

Product Details

Improve Printer Specifications
Printer Type
Print Bed Size (mm)
200 x 200 x 180
Layer Resolution
90-400 microns
Material Types
Maximum Temperature
360° C
Open Source

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Small img 1519 By thebeastgoeson on Apr 11 2017
The best of my Eight 3d printers is my Zortrax M200.

The most "plug and play" 3d printer I have ever used. They supply everything! The printer, the filament and the software. There support material feature is a dream. The price tag is the only thing that holds me back from recommending it to everyone. Look for specials around the holidays, that is how I got such a good deal on mine.

Avatar small By CEM ONĞAN on Apr 24 2017
Purpose of service

The price is good in terms of performance.

Small 10350626 10152411069072620 7106690796143488542 n By steve_kothig on May 22 2017
Zortrax M200

I'm very happy with the quality of my print models. The slicer software that you need to run with the Zortrax is easy to used, The only problem is if your wanting to control your settings you can't. Everything is preset which for some may work well.  I have not had any failures yet.  What surprise me is that you get a very clean print with very little slicing lines.  The filament is a bit expensive, but the quality results   make up for the cost.

Avatar small By kinedix on Jun 17 2017
Like the iPhone in 3D printing world

First of all, I will give my little story, I was looking for 3d printer that just work without tinkering, and it has to have perfect quality. I am crazy geek, and could spend hours by playing with setup, but it not for devices which I want work with, from 3d Printer I wanted that's work immediately no matter how long it was untouched, and M200 is 100% that's I looked for. In about a month after using it I was thinking on that's it supports only  native plastic, but it gives you perfect result in 98% prints. I have different printer at work which support different filaments, but I have really regularly adjust it, and some filaments are giving very inconsistent result. If you are "Android" person who likes has full access to you printer this not for you, but Zortrax just opened access to whole range of 3rd party plastic, but I will probably will stay with native ones, the perfect quality to me much more important. Really hope this will help you. 

Avatar small By Nicos Andreou on Jun 23 2017
A 3d printer made to work poperly everytime

A very high quality build machine with high quality components. I had another printer (open to any filament..etc ,etc) I struggled every time to find the proper settings for a new filament, spend many hours to achieve a proper result, I have even run hundreds of tests and calibrations to tune the machine..OMG!! The M200 is nothing like that you transfer your sliced model to the SD hit print and the results are amazing, hassle free machine good quality filaments and print perfect!!! I will recommend it without a second thought.

Avatar small By carlspecialk007 on Jul 16 2017
Worth the money

I have tried a few different 3D printers over the last couple of years and although the Zortrax M200 isn't the cheapest out there it's certainly one of the best.

Small logo superfici raster By Superfici S.c.r.l. on Nov 10 2017
Best starting 3D Printer

I purchased this printer as my first approach to 3D printing and FDM. It was worth the money.

Avatar small By 3dcreative64 on Jan 05 2018
printer easy to use
printer that has good finish
Small 19225568 1749464581749289 6962019399579508467 n By Emil Lorenc on Jan 27 2018

Is my first printer 3D and can recommend that printer ! 

Small stv 100x100 By stv-is-it on Feb 13 2018
Plug and play for all users

Best experience.

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