Tevo Black Widow

by Tevo
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Avatar small By Yaniv Ben-Asher on Mar 08 2018
Not for everyone or to expct that it will actually going to work each and every time with no issues...but...

...I enjoy the hands on experience it provides me with every new challenge and failure. I'm allowing myself to stretch the boundaries while knowing that one way or another it's not going to be extremely costly and the fact that it is open source and everything is replaceable is just great joy.

Avatar small By Shawn Buie on Apr 30 2018
The King of DIY 3D Printers

At first, just assembling this 3D Printer looked intimidating, but after looking over the instructions it all came together rather quickly, at the end of the build, the instructions took a nose dive off the deep end. If it wasn't for YouTube, I most likely would have assembled my printer incorrectly.

The printer did not come with a BLTouch Auto Leveling sensor. But it still has the z axis sensor and thats what I have been using for now, but even with just that, the printer just print's. I am still dialing the steps mm per second on the extruder so I can get that perfect print. Going to upgrade the nozzle today with a hardened tip, hopefully that will help with print quality.

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