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Avatar small By John Engler on Mar 10 2018
3D Printer

Good printer for the money.

Avatar small By jdunkerj on Oct 13 2018
Great printer for the price

After a long time comparing and listing to Youtube reviews, I decised to go with the QIDI  X-ONE 2.  It is a very good value for the price!  The only thing I would change at the moment is the print area to be larger.  While I bump into this limit once in a while it has not stopped me from multiple prints pre day.  I am exploring all the different print materials and again reviews to help avoid issue other have found. I have had no bad results so far.  The owners manual could have some additional information ofn several subjects. So it only rates a good in my book.

Small cupid2 By lgs on Nov 23 2018
My first 3D printer and running since I took it out of the box!

I checked everything at Amazon and Googled anything I could; this seemed like the printer to try. It came really well packaged and seems really well made. Other than a bent bolt in the filament roll holder, everything else was good. I emailed Qidi and got a really quick response. I had a print come apart while printing and asked about glue on the bed- which they advised to use(the few reviews I found online said not). The glue I use sparingly and wipe the table once warm. Out of 20+ prints, I am still wiping and not adding with great results. They immediately responded to the filament holder with a: "We are sending you a parts package". Later I received an email with a picture of the package with shipping label attached. Needless to say I received a new holder with what looked like a bolt inserted by hand(not machine) and extra tip and table pad. I have emailed them with other questions and they reply from work and home! Excellent customer service! That and the fact that it just prints and prints, makes me a very satisfied customer!

Avatar small By Kelsey Adkins on Dec 28 2018
Love this printer

Once you figure out how to download software to the SD card the process is very simple. 

Avatar small By monicaw on Feb 01 2019
Newbie to the 3D Print world and Great Start with my QIDI

I work in a rural public library and we decided to add a 3D Printer for public us by all skill and age levels.  I must say this QIDI X-One 2 was easy to set up and use right out of the box.  Only problem I had was to figure out the preheat sequence.  The instruction manual was a little lacking on that.  I watched a video online and then it all clicked.  The tech support is very responsive - even for my basic question.  Of course the first prints are fun and novelty items that I have found online and, knock on wood , they all turned out perfect.  I am just starting to explore the from scratch designing.... but that will be another chapter!  I think this is a very affordable and practical set up foranyone that wants to get their feet wet in the tech world.

Avatar small By YoyoItJeff on Feb 03 2019
Good Introduction To 3D Printing

I think this printer is good for starters who haven't had the opportunity to 3D print things. It is quite inexpensive, however this comes with the trade off of lower quality objects. It's very easy to set up and use right out of the box which makes it ideal for first timers like me. The instructions are a little lacking but the process is quite straight forward.

Avatar small By CreeperSquad on Feb 11 2019

this thing was amazing. Very sleek and elegant looking. It also was very quiet, and efficient with time. Using dual extruders was a bit of a pain, but we figured it out eventually. I managed to successfully print 6 designs, with minimal problems. However, this thing was a PAIN. And when I say it, I really mean it. After roughly 3 designs, the printer’s baseplate started having problems. The temprature wasn’t hot enough, so the PLA was not sticking properly. Same problems started happening with the extruders. After many failed attempts, we managed to get the printer working again... until 3 designs later, nothing was sticking to the plate AT ALL. Trust me, we tried EVERYTHING we could think of, but it didn’t work. We had this printer for approximately two weeks, and roughy 85% of the time, was us trying to get the printer to work. But I will give it credit. When it worked, it REALLY WORKED WELL. I believe this is a one time problem, as all the reviews were 3 or 4 stars, so I would recommend it. If yours has the same problems, send it back, and get a new one. Because when this thing wants to work, it does an excellent job.

Avatar small By J_Agent on Mar 01 2019
Quick Rsponse


Avatar small By jaxon fred on Apr 05 2019
the x-one 2 .

the x-one 2 is a great 3d printer for beginners, it has incredible detail for its price, and is very easy to use.

Avatar small By punkydiva01 on May 28 2019
X-One 2

We are beginners at 3D Printing. I believe this is a good machine to start with, It is fairly user friendly.

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