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Avatar small By CreeperSquad on Feb 11 2019

this thing was amazing. Very sleek and elegant looking. It also was very quiet, and efficient with time. Using dual extruders was a bit of a pain, but we figured it out eventually. I managed to successfully print 6 designs, with minimal problems. However, this thing was a PAIN. And when I say it, I really mean it. After roughly 3 designs, the printer’s baseplate started having problems. The temprature wasn’t hot enough, so the PLA was not sticking properly. Same problems started happening with the extruders. After many failed attempts, we managed to get the printer working again... until 3 designs later, nothing was sticking to the plate AT ALL. Trust me, we tried EVERYTHING we could think of, but it didn’t work. We had this printer for approximately two weeks, and roughy 85% of the time, was us trying to get the printer to work. But I will give it credit. When it worked, it REALLY WORKED WELL. I believe this is a one time problem, as all the reviews were 3 or 4 stars, so I would recommend it. If yours has the same problems, send it back, and get a new one. Because when this thing wants to work, it does an excellent job.

Avatar small By J_Agent on Mar 01 2019
Quick Rsponse


Avatar small By JaxonM on Apr 05 2019
the x-one 2 .

the x-one 2 is a great 3d printer for beginners, it has incredible detail for its price, and is very easy to use.

Avatar small By punkydiva01 on May 28 2019
X-One 2

We are beginners at 3D Printing. I believe this is a good machine to start with, It is fairly user friendly.

Avatar small By Jakebullett on Jul 06 2019
X-Plus & Loving it!

Out of the box this unit was a pleasure.  It was packaged well.  It was fully assembled and ready to go for the most part.  It's pretty quiet, my stupid robot vacuum makes more noise.  The build seems good.  Options are there.  Haven't needed support yet but I hear it's great.  It's printing some obsolete parts as I type this review.  Seems like they really put a lot of thought into the design.  

Avatar small By joeschubbe3008 on Nov 13 2019
Qidi X-one2

very easy to use, and for a great price! My first printer, and would definitely recommend for other beginners

Small 2313 By mehdals on Dec 16 2019
Nice small desktop starter printer

I enjoy my Qidi X one 2 as its very simple to use and came setup right out of the box. It is enclosed on all sides to keep in the heat and keep it safe from small hands. it comes with a dumbed down version of the Cura slicer.  it doesn't require much maintenance but can be upgraded to smaller nozzle sizes. The prints are very nice for how basic and easy the printer is. Only down fall is the plate size is under 6 inches both ways.

Small thierry By t.stignani on Jan 11 2020

Je me lance pour la première fois dans l'univers de la 3D car fan de star Wars je veux créer des scènes décors avec mes modèles réduits et je dois faire des figurines à l'échelle, j'ai fais l'acquisition de ma première imprimante 3D, une Qidi Technology X-One2 et vraiment je suis très content de mon achat car en prix elle est très abordable 329,00€ et en moins d'une heure j'ai déjà réussi à faire ma première impression en 3D d'un stormtrooper à la dimension que j'ai besoin, un grand merci surtout à tous ceux qui crée les modèle 3D car cela rend bien service.

Superbe imprimante pour débutant avec un très bon rapport qualité/prix.

Avatar small By glen rogers on Feb 02 2020
Excellent printer

I had an i3 replica for my first printer and found it very frustrating that prints would always, mess up or wouldn't extrude properly and print quality was terrible. I was losing interest in 3d printing but then decided to buy the x-one 2 to give my 3d printing another chance and I'm glad I did. This printer is a great machine. It's build quality is a solid steel so it's very sturdy, which provides better print quality. It's also pre assembled so you can print straight out the box. It's a great printer for beginners and pros, it's ui is simple and very easy to use, makes printing and maintenance very easy.


-pre assembled

- great build quality

- ease of use


- small build plate (150mmX150mm)

- prints get stuck to bed, very hard to remove (would recommend getting a magnetic bed sticker)

Avatar small By bill01 on Mar 27 2020
Great Value

I have 2 QIDI X-One 2 3D printers.   The print quality is great for the price.   Software is easy to use and does a good job with most files.   As a hobby printer I don’t think you can do better for the price.

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