Dremel 3D40 Idea Builder

by Dremel
88% Recommended


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Avatar small By Tyler Wolski on Apr 27 2018

An awesome printer it is! The supports the printer puts on parts is sometimes excessive. 

Small 9a4830a5 3687 4ac1 9336 d956023071d4 By s.kinzl on Jun 06 2018
Idea Dremel Builder 3D40

he is very easy to use and de qualitez is good

Avatar small By Henrik Laurell on Sep 19 2018
A great printer for model making!

I have been printing via Shapeways for years, but this is my first own printer. I am very surprised that a printer can be this good for the price I paid (9.900 SEK, about 1.000 euro). Even if I am experienced drawer doing my own CAD, I was complete novice handling a printer when I first bought it. So far it worked flawlessly. It only prints PLA and with no heated bed, but for my needs (scale models and occasional gadgets) I haven't seen that as a limit in any way. If I get need for another material I can just send it to SW that day.  I did look into the 3D45 version before I bought this, but now after I am glad I did not go for that - instead I want two of these, to get parts printed faster! (not that I will, but really tempted ..) The print area is rather big and the box is complete covered with clear windows which is perfect for my workshop which can be very dusty at times. 

The slicing program which my printer was delivered with is called Print Studio. It works great to, but printers assembled later than mine are shipped with another slicing program (according to dremel support). If you do not like the new version, Print Studio is still available free on the net. Print Studio has all the options as other programs, but I prefer this for it's "click and print" in seconds behavior.  I tried other slicing programs to but all except this one needs tinkering to get them working, not "out of the box" prints right away like this.  

Til the day we can buy printers who prints in minutes instead of hours, I hope mine will continue to perform.


Avatar small By slindsay on Nov 14 2018
Dremel 3D45 - Good All Around 3D Printer

We have several 3D printers at the school, including the Afinia and the Lulzbot Taz 5. One of the biggest problems we have had in the past is the air conditioner kicking on and off which tends to affect our prints. We had to fabricate enclosures to maintain a more stable printing environment.  The Dremel 3D45 completely solved this problem, with its elegant and well engineered enclosure.  We also like the concept of an RF ID spool to identify the filament type that is installed. The tricky part is when using the cloud interface to design the 3D file, you need to specify which type of filament is being used and set the correct parameters in order to not conflict with the RF ID.

The cloud interface is very nice and the automatic time lapse video of the print job is very useful. The video link goes right to my email when the print job is complete - no twiddling or tweaking required.

The semi-automatic leveling system is very accurate and much easier than other units.   We are using the included purple glue stick on the build deck, and it works well. It's also easy to clean and prep for the next job.  We have not yet used non-Dremel brand filament in the unit, so from an expense point, our print jobs cost a little more so far.

The one thing that we are still not able to do is connect this printer to our company WiFi system.  It sees the SSID and we enter the password, but it refuses to connect.  So in lieu of using WiFi, we simply connect it to the wired network and move on.

We have not used the customer support or interacted with the Dremel Community, thus the blank reviews.

Avatar small By TieDyeKatz on Feb 20 2019
This printer is very bad for it's $1,000 price, but overall good.

I have seen better prints come out on a $300 printer, but for education it's very good.

Avatar small By King Krish on Apr 01 2019
Great Printer, however expensive.

Good Printer

Avatar small By lablck on Apr 19 2019
I got my printer on sale so thought there was good value in it. Filament is too expensive but using other filament works fine.

Because I have no idea how to run a printer, I liked the fact that this one was ready right out of the box. 

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