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Avatar small By sokar596 on Nov 19 2018
great printer

very good printer

Avatar small By Lucas T on Nov 06 2018
Good as a second or third printer

When it comes it has a few issues like z banding and salmon skin which with a little work are easy to fix. In new revisions they have supposedly fixed this though. If your willing to work with this machine it will treat you well. 

Avatar small By Birdawg on Oct 31 2018
I Absolutely LOVE My Tevo Tornado

its simply the most Bang for the buck. 

Avatar small By Douwe Hageman on Oct 15 2018
Great value for its price

Installing was for me personally relatively easy, but novice builders may need some time figuring out which cables go where.

The issue with this kind of printer is that the bed leveling is critical for a good print. The forum community is spending loads of time getting it right. Even modifications are available.

Currently running my fifth print which is taking a cool 18 hours already, and still exited about the result.

Large parts with a large footprint always stay a hassle ,but if you keep the ambient temperatures and device temperatures under control, you will also be successful with those prints..

Avatar small By jackjill on Oct 12 2018
very good

very happy

Avatar small By allenzag on Sep 24 2018
Great Printer, Great Price

Well the Tornado is my 2nd printer.  I had a Delta that broke.  Darn build plate broke right off the base.  Plastic screws. Anyway settled on the TEVo Tornado Back in April 2018 it was $435, not I see it's $100 less depending on where you buy it.

Like any new printer it worked good right out of the box but I had some videos off YouTube to guide me.  It was mostly assembled out of the box.  Not much to do except install a few things.  Easy.

I suppose like any 3D printer and a definite newbie there will be some problems but with the help of the Tornado Facebook group i5 was all solved.  Print quality is great.  I had Cura from Tevo.  personally I don't like Cura. I found IdeaMaker.  Great free Slicer but it had some limitations so wound up purchasing Simplify 3D.  Love it. Support is great (facebook page).  Now my Tornado is printing great. I'm still learning the various best settings for S3D to slice projects.  Not every project is the same settings.

So I recommend the Tevo Tornado but do your homework before jumping into any 3D Printer.

Small codebracket By rctho on Jul 23 2018
Tevo Tornado Green edition

The Tornado is my third printer. I can't say it's better or worse than the other two because they all have their challenges. The Tevo Tack can be annoying til' you get used to it and know how to use it. Bed leveling can be tricky since it's so big. Once all the settings are dialed in, it prints amazing. Def not disappointed with this purchase. It is mostly stock too. I only printed leveling knobs.

Avatar small By tlswords on Jul 16 2018

have enjoyed this printer greatly,   have had np user for tech support.   The facebokk community is amazingly helpful

Avatar small By Michael Hilliar on Jul 03 2018
Tevo Tornado

This is my first 3D printed and it printed good right out of the box.  I did some tinkering and added a few teams and it is printing awesome.  I’ve read a lot about different problems people have had with all the different kinds of printers but I haven’t had any issues at all.  Love it and I would definitely recommend this printer to my friends if they were looking for a printer in its price range.   I was able to get a discount so I got mine for only $300.  

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